cashmere, wool & a corduroy vest.........

mixing the old with the new....
the souchi caitlin sweater from about 12 years ago is still one of my favorites. it's been quite a few places with me and i was wearing it on one of my saddest days. i used to wear it with my low waist skinny jeans tucked into over the knee boots.
i love pulling it out and making it new again. 
so, today i styled it with the taylor pant in wildflower, forte forte shirt, mnz plaid corduroy vest & a private 0204 cotton tank top. and, these cool rachel comey corduroy ankle boots from a few years ago. i layered 2 of my favorite necklaces. the spade was gift when i was 9. it's sentimental and cool and the longest thing i've ever owned. the ball & star diamond necklace is from my fave jewelry store elliott yeary gallery. this one is sold out but a similar one here.
if you like warm, oversized cardigan can be worn as a blazer, coat or cozy sweater. check out our mary kate cardi or the hanna long cardi for a similar look.
lesson: keep your fave items even if you don't wear for a while. one day you will want to wear or look at them again. to enjoy the memories.
another option if you don't do vests.

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