camo fun.....shirt........

so you know that cotton shirt you just had to have in the middle of winter? yeah, that one. so you layered it under everything and you couldn't wait to let it shine in the warmer months. yep, this is that shirt. 
i styled it with the kelly paperbag jean. i love a blouse with high waist jeans.
add fishnet socks, suede cap and the planet heels from maryam nassir zadeh.
the bubish barcelona vest is/was great for layering but it's sold out.
the rib tank, shampoo earrings, crop kehle and de palma clutch are great alternatives. we love the tank under the camo top. or skip the blouse and go for the tank under our crop kehle.
the kelly jeans look great with the commando silk cami (in aspen) or try the calyx on sale here. and the meringue crop kehle. and, if you want to dress the jeans up a bit, trade out the denim sash for a depalma leather belt.
instead of the bubish fur vest try the chrisina lehr cotton cable sweater and the souchi leather backpack. 

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