calvin jr ......brights

i designed the calvin jr. this summer and quickly fell in love with it. this version in in brights and the bright colors make it a great piece for a pop of color and a lovely layer. this one is knit using cashmere & linen. 
here' i've paired it with the jay jean (i love this jean!), the souchi howard cardigan (email if interested) and my fave ann demeulemeester lace ups. this turquoise and gold disc necklace is from the elliott yeary gallery. i'm currently coveting it in black and the multi color too. thinking they'd be awesome layered. 
to 'winterize' the calvin jr. brights i'd suggest the following:
the deex bootie or alanis combat boot
the jay jeans are perfect year round. but, you can also choose the claudia, distressed baker, the montegro, twist and the friend jean.

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