black, red & ivory...............

color blocking....i am a fan.
the wilkins in color block is a favorite of mine. this one is in berries, orca and ivory. worn with giada forte culottes and a scarf tied at waist.
the souchi cashmere scarf with variegated fringe is new and is quickly becoming my go too. i love that little bit of extra color and texture in the multi colored fringe. 
giada forte's black wool culottes are a well loved piece. the flat wool is soft yet has some structure to hold the pleats and pockets. i love them with boots, heels and, on others, sneakers. but, i'm too short to pull off the sneakers with these. the cleo heel is a fun alternative giving a lil height but not giving up comfy. the wilkins sweater is a bit of a cult hit in aspen...yes, perhaps i'm overstating....but it is a fan fave. it also comes in a vest & solid.
if you don't like crop sweaters may i suggest the souchi classic sharon sweater. it's a boxy shape with wide neckline and hand stitched x's at the shoulder. another souchi cashmere rib scarf with ostrich feather trim. cindy kirk's alex clutch and krewe shades.

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