banana cream pie.............

i've said it before and i'll say it again....i love yellow. i love all shades and tones of it. so so pretty and easy to wear. some people have aversions to yellow but i think it's a matter of finding the right yellow for you.
here i'm wearing souchi's loose renee in acid yellow/egg white variegated cashmere and linen sweater. i added fishnet socks in nude to go with my wrap around ankle strap sky scraper wedge sandals from bottega veneta. for night, i throw over the souchi fringe poncho that i hand stitched the edge to give a bit more color. 
the leaf jean from closed with it's pin tucked center front leg seams and slit show off these cute shoes. we are sold out of the jeans but i would also love this look with the llama bakers or rachel comey's elkin jean in dirty white.
the details:
krewe shades available in store only
binky & lulu cuff available in store only
closed leaf jean (sorry sold out)
closed leaf jean (sorry sold out)

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