back in black..........

who doesn't love a maxi skirt? the laurel maxi skirt is a black chiffon with star print. i decided to style it hear as a day look. tomorrow you'll see it for evening.
add some opaque tights, tri croc side zip booties (on sale here) and an extra long leather belt
add our fave sharon pullover sweater with white x's on shoulder seams. underneath is the mel tank that matches the laurel skirt. i left the tank untucked but tucked in the front of the sweater allows for all the layers to show and the belt.
add our alpine bobble beret and sweet shades from krewe. these are called conti and the color is plume to matte (available at aspen boutique 970-925-2580)
how fun is this look? a bit of sass with layers of chiffon and cashmere. this is a look i'd take on a trip because it all can break down to wear different ways. imagine the tank and sweater with jackie jeans. or the skirt with a sexy cami and crop fur jacket for night with heels.
strong. sexy and cool..... 
tres chic

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