aspen - mountain casual.....'s a pet peeve.....yes, big surprise i have one......ummmm or 100
but, i'm going to remain focused. 
it makes me crazy how the word casual has morphed. casual to me is still cool, cute, chic and dressed! not your workout clothes and not an outfit thrown on without any thought.
i think casual style is awesome. and, thank god as i'm a city girl who now lives in the mountains.
my idea of mountain casual in the winter:
jeans - but cool, fun, different
t-shirt - great fit or fun saying or both
jacket - practical, unique and can be worn anywhere and everywhere
accessories: cool shoes, great hat or beanie, etc
for example....
these 'sly' boots from freda salvador are practical for our cobblestone streets. yet, there is a lil heel, unique sole and perfect with jeans, leggings or a slip dress. add socks for some personality and to keep your lil piggies warm in the winter.
the lola grey short sleeve t-shirt is super soft and says 'c'est la vie' in mini black beads.
the jacket is a vintage army jacket that has been hand painted and has a removable black mongolian fur collar so you can wear year round.
these 'day' jeans from closed are mid waist button fly with a girlfriend fit. so, fit thru waist and hip but relaxed thru the thigh. feel free to size up if you want a bit more of a 'girlfriend' cut. 
so....back to my peeve....just because we live in a time where everyone wears exercise clothes as casual. i'm hear to say....step it up because we can be casual and still show a personality instead of showing what you work out in
there...i said it.

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