a souchi must have.....no really....you MUST

so here's the thing:
some things are just great with everything: salt, t-shirt, hoop earrings, cocktail ring, jeans...
well, the new addition to that list is the souchi fringe poncho. clearly, i'm bias and lacking some modesty here....BUT it's a proven fashion fact .
i love wearing it around the house to keep me warm while knitting...
in the mornings when checking instagram and cnn (yes, both are very informative! shout out to carol costello)
when really so annoyed by another trump tweet that i have to just scream
when i don't like any of my jackets or cardi's over a simple tank dress... it gives a relaxed yet sophisticated look....who doesn't want a lil boho vibe
when i want to show the new arm jewelry i am wearing.... a lil skin is always good
hook cuff & omega bangles...love
when i am trying to decide to go out or stay in...bag on table and ready... but taxi driver is on and i'm still agitated about january 20.
what the hell.....go out...i'm dressed, have a cool necklace, cozy and ready for a cocktail.
see the fringe poncho gets you thru your day.
now what color......

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  • Pila

    I’ll take one of each color

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