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clothes for your dog?????

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who knew......
ok, so i never was a fan of clothes for dogs....somehow it just seemed wrong but funny at best. 
however, the particular sunday above changed that!
sweet jack, a bit tired, and not into playing with the other dogs (he's was not giving up his chuck it toy which he's laying on....yes, he needs to work on sharing) and instead chose to lay down next to mom and just enjoy the sunshine.
so, suddenly, i decide he would be so cute in a bobble hat......
clearly, i'm not wrong! i think with a bit of pattern tweaking we can get one to fit jack. who says hats are hard to wear? and their ears are always cold....and really, he loves it......see!
sadly, for jack the picture below will now be the photo used in the aspen magazine 'the catalogues' winter/holiday issue. yes, they wanted a photo of the store owner and well i loathe my picture being taken so said i'd do it
if jack was in it....
so twin cashmere bobble berets for us.
i LOVE this expression, i know he's just thinking 'are you serious?'


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