90's popsicle stripes.......

you know those perfect summer days that linger into the best summer nights?
don't you love them?
well, this is the outfit for those days & nights.
this bag is the perfect summer tote. big enough for everything but light enough to not have you slumping over. the straps are adjustable via the knots so it's up to you on how low or high to go.
the cotton & cashmere blend kehle sweater is a great layer. the rib detail adds a feminine touch
a bathing suit that doubles as a bodysuit is perfection.
and, after a day at the beach trade in your hat for a head scarf. summer shades with lavender mirrored lens....love. *call 970-925-2580 for stock on shades & prices
pink suede wrap sandals paired with these pleated cotton stripe pants (rolled up of course) are so cute.
tie the sweater around your waist or shoulder for you preppies and sling the rest in your tote. 
easy breezy beach babe
now go make some fun

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