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looks inspired by jazz fest and summer music festival season...

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spring is not only tulips, rain, snow & sunshine....it is also outdoor music events! this year i am so excited to be headed to new orleans for jazz fest....jazz? well, i am excited to see patti smith, fleetwood mac, the gospel tents....so many awesome shows. but, what does an easily sunburned girl who loves heels and is always thirsty wear to an outdoor event with porta potty's, potential mud & potentially 95+ degrees?  so, i took to some research on coachella fashion and besides most under 30 dressing as if it was woodstock i found the beautiful kate bosworth & found my inspiration: great skin, covered feet, easy clothes for sitting on the grass or your mans shoulders) and nothing contrived. 


so, the lesson, stay true to how i love to dress but nothing that is precious so i don't have to think about it getting dirty or ruined. because the memories of this week will be so much fun that who really cares? get outside, make a picnic, invite friends and go make music, listen to music (boom box anyone?) and enjoy the beginnings of spring. after all that has happened in this country in the last few weeks we need to appreciate this life with friends, family & loved ones.
happy may
xo suzisouchi

1. casual, cool, long sleeves (to avoid sunburn), booties to avoid dirty feet and damn is that red velvet cake? the souchi ashley sweater will be perfect for new orleans!
2. new orleans = beads.......and i love these new ones from butik that will add fun & color to my simple cut offs. 
3. cool and easy t-shirt dress from velvet amazing belts from johnny farah and a straw hat from guanabana
4. more beads from butik and winifred grace
5. it's hot, it's outdoor music & possibly muddy......70's inspired lace (stevie anyone?)
6. outdoor music festivals = portapotty = a very unhappy suzi.....so my feet will be covered even if 100 degrees! here is what i am bringing: my tried and true rag & bone booties. now, i am not being careless...mine are 4 years old and need to be replaced so this is not silly.
7. sunblock is key when spending all day at an outdoor festival...
8. AND if it is 100 degrees then i will wear these cult favorites that take me back to: i got my mtv, french braids & levis 501's ahhhhh


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