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desert neutrals + color = perfection for it's not quite spring

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 i am a neutrals girl. i love all shades of neutral, nude, know, all those colors everyone swears they can't wear? well, i think everyone can wear them! it's just finding your shade and then having fun with color & a damn good lipstick, gloss or stain. i am currently obsessed with giorgio armani's red #402 (perfection) and tom fords #15 wild ginger for the perfect orange. armed with the right lipstick and amazing accessories i am ready for any color the world thinks i can't wear!!



*disclaimer: do not blame me when you see that these lipsticks are $50! yep, when did that happen i have no idea but they stay on and don't run.....ARGH!!


 a glorious deserted beach: sand, white, turquoise & electric blue...perfect

the result: guanabana + souchi cashmere wraps + butik beads

rules to neutrals:

1) streamlined, pretty and comfortable

cut 25 blouse & skirt

2) blank canvas to let your style show

maxi dress from velvet

3) cashmere custom blankets from souchi.....perfect for the plane or wrap up on a deck or picnic blanket or escape to quiet in your 

*email if you are interested

4) kanakamba beads from butik.....perfection alone or multiples

5) cotton lace dress with vintage feeling from corey 

6) amazing giada forte sandals: one must never neglect their feet

7) ridiculously awesome lipsticks!!


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