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q&a with the energetic shana honeyman

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next in my 9 q & a series is:

 the funny, fashionable & energetic shana honeyman. she is the director of public relations for corey lynn calter. luckily, she agreed to take on souchi's pr and we couldn't be happier. i met shana thru corey over 10 years ago and was able to spend a weekend in palm springs with the girls with cocktails and dancing at melvyn's and late night swimming at the viceroy & i couldn't help but fall in love. read more and you will fall in love with this girls girl. xo suzisouchi

1) you have the cutest curls, cheeks & voice in the world! at what age did you first decide it no longer drove you crazy that everyone commented on them?

I just turned 36 and I still get told I look like Shirley Temple! Somewhere along the way I just learned to embrace it although I still spend way too much time on blow drying my hair straight ;)

2) my fave fashion question to all girls in fashion: what day did you know your outfit was the bomb? you knew you could not have been cooler. and to make our readers happy, we need a complete visual: the year, the hair, the make-up and the cd, tape or vinyl that was playing as you got ready:

There are many questionable fashion moments in my life, though at the time I thought were epic, but one that stands out in particular was in 1998 while working at Miu Miu on Prince Street in NYC. Streaky highlighted hair you could barely call blonde, Miu Miu baby doll dress and hot pink sequin round toe heels, Hard Candy glitter eyeliner in pink or black ( to match the shoes naturally) topped off with a polka dot coat. All of the Japanese fashion girls loved me! I listened to the Rushmore soundtrack, Jeff Buckley and Fiona Apple's first album like crazy that winter!

3) as a pr agent in la, a stressful job, what keeps you calm under pressure, a smile on your face and always a good attitude?

A good laugh and a nice bottle of wine with my  best girl friends can take the edge off any stressful day. Honestly, being able to work with talented and creative people whom I so vehemently believe in and admire makes it all worth it.

4) cocktail or tea? and what kind?

Both! I am currently loving a drink called the Gangster and the new LA restaurant Laurel Hardware. It is a mix of cucumber infused vodka and watermelon juice. I have actually been putting Dandelion tea bags in my water bottles. I love the bitter taste and it's healing properties are incredible.

5) favorite vacation spot and what 5 things are must haves to pack no matter where you go?

I am obsessed with The Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica. It was one of the first hotels built on the Negril cliffs in 1972 and some of their early guests included Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. It is a truly magical place where you can literally jump into the crystal blue ocean from your cabana. They also have started The Rockhouse Foundation, the charitable arm of the hotel where over 1 million US dollars has been invested in local Negril schools.

My 5 must have items to travel with are: a good book, apple cider vinegar ( the cure all for everything from heartburn to mosquito bites), my super solano hair dryer ( the generic hotel models just don't do the job), Nars Dragon Girl red lipstick and a good sense of adventure! 

6) if you could only update one part of your look for an entire year what would it be: hair/make-up? shoes/accessories? or clothing?

I am a firm believer that accessories are the best way to update your wardrobe. A great statement shoe, bag, necklace,etc can entirely change a look. I could feasibly update my classic blazers, denim, dresses and knits for an entire year with the help of new accessories...now the hair and make up part is another story! 

7) romantic getaway with your love or girls getaway and where for either? 

Palm Springs has always been my go to getaway.  Weather it be a fun weekend thrifting and sitting by the pool with the girls or twirling on the funny dance floor at Melvyn's with my guy, it never disappoints. 

8) if you could only have one sense what would it be & why? 

Sight would have to win because I simply could not bear never seeing another perfect sunset, NYC in the fall or my mother's comforting smile again.

9) ok, it's about me for second: check out the souchi spring/summer look book, what piece would you choose and why? 

The Trina Cardi Cape is seriously the piece I dream of for every occasion! It is the perfect travel piece all year long ( who doesn't want to look cute at the airport?) that looks chic over a little dinner dress or cozy with jeans and a tank on a summer night. Best investment piece ever! 


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