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q&a with the very dry greg neuhaus

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interview #3 with another amazing friend & find, greg neuhaus of form3 i met greg 12+ years ago in los angeles at el compadre on sunset blvd. many margaritas, tattoo parlors & a stop at cheetah's with a group of 10; we were destined to be friends. through the years many late nights with more cocktails, wine, beer & discussions on art, fashion & business. i am a fan of form3 & dream of having land near some water up in the mountains and a budget that can get me a form3 house filled with their furniture & then adorned with colorful textiles & treats from around the world & of course, souchi cashmere everywhere. a dream? well, as mick says, 'lose your dreams and you will lose your mind'. so, any day now.

enjoy my q&a with the talented greg neuhaus:

1) why did you start form3

I had been working as an Art Director in the entertainment industry for several years, designing sets for some of the absolute worst television series to ever be broadcast on late night cable. Working 14 hours a day, 6 days a week had left me feeling a bit exhausted. I was looking for other opportunities and it just so happened someone familiar with my set design was the General Manager of a high end clothing store in West Hollywood and she needed someone to coordinate Interior Design, clothing display and Art Installation. She gave me a great opportunity to experience more permanence (and appreciation) in my designs and, after several successful collaborations with them, I felt closer to being fulfilled in what it was I did with my life and decided to create form3.

2) if you could re-design any building on the planet (or not sci fi followers) with no restrictions which would it be?

That's a tough one. I would never want anyone to redesign my work, so I think it's best to extend that courtesy to others. With that being said, there happens to be a Transit Mall in the City of Petaluma that is so poorly conceived, designed and constructed, every time I pass it, I'm compelled to envision it as a form3-designed structure. It would enrich people's lives and save energy and most-likely be praised by anyone whoever sees it. Oh, and it would be super-fucking-cool, NOT totally lame. (The residents of this fine Northern California town know what I'm talking about.)

3) i know there are more artists per capita in dubuque than anywhere else in the world, but what was your inspiration? 

First of all, I love my hometown. Dubuque is one of those cities that is dear to those who are from there, but not so much from those who have passed through. But for pure inspiration in an architectural context, it was (without a doubt) Chicago. As a kid, going into that truly amazing American city was like traveling to Oz. The Art Institute, Grant Park, Wrigley Field, Lake Shore Drive, the Carbide & Carbon Building, Sears Tower, Hancock Center, Michigan Avenue...that's enough inspiration for a lifetime.

4) one movie, one dvd, one island forever that happens to have electricity.....planet of the apes, 8 1/2 or the bad news bears!!

These are TOUGH questions! 8 1/2 is undoubtedly my favorite film, but do I want it to be my ONLY source of cinematic entertainment on a deserted island with electricity!? I think not. I'm going to have to go with not only the best baseball movie EVER, but possibly the BEST MOVIE EVER... The original Bad News Bears...always and forever. Buttermaker? Classic! 

5) first time is it with farah, the rc cola girl or mrs. robinson?

Mrs. Robinson was completely intimidating and seemed to be ready to eat her young at any moment. Farah's looks were so far beyond my realm of comprehension, it seemed unreasonable to even consider. Somehow the RC cola girl was just right for me.  

6) who would you never do a collaboration with?

NOW the questions get easy:  Clarence Thomas. It would never work. 

7) how do you bring what is essential in a form 3 design into the future? i see form3 as natural, organic, minimal which to me makes it timeless but how do you connect that to our fast pace hi tech world? 

There seems to be a trend toward making that connection by a number of Industrial Designers. You'll see iPod docks made of wood with a retro look. Platform beds with iPhone or iPad docks, and so forth...I'm not necessarily interested in that, although I think some of that work is successful on a number of levels. To me it's more about sourcing materials that make sense for our future and combining them with progressive-thinking strategies that allow us to be energy efficient and connected. Using technology to make informed decisions rather than using technology to devise a gadget that receives high CNET ratings for its unbelievable cleverness.

8) what is your all-time favorite form3 pieces and when can i expect it to arrive?

Right now it's the new 2013 plyform chair, because it's the most recent design we've been working on. It's refined, totally dialed in and super-cool without being much difference from the original piece we offered seven years ago. You might want to contact UPS, because it's probably waiting for you at home as you read this. 

        *suzi's note: it's now at souchi aspen and waiting for visitors!

9) check out our spring 2012 souchi collection and tell us what you would choose to buy your lady and why. 

This would be a near-impossible question to answer if I could only pick one piece, but that's not a stipulation right? 

I'd have to start with the rib waist plunge dress because it's classic, elegant and would fit her body like it was tailored to her exact proportions. Then the stewart cardr with hood over a tiny cami would HAVE to happen, because it lends itself to providing a completely casual and elegant look at the same time. Who wouldn't want that? I would also add the thurston baseball over the mondrian skirt...for all the same reasons. What's not to love? Timeless, classic, minimalist, organic...hold on, who designed this?


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