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q & a with the super cool designers of ace & jig

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         finally.......my second interview with the talented & amazing people i have been fortunate to find. nine questions answered by cary vaughan & jenna wilson who are the designers of ace & jig. if you don't know ace & jig, call us and we will help move the rock you've been under. these girls design the kinds of clothes you will wear everyday. the cottons are so soft & cozy that looking cool and casual will be effortless. we have never met in person, but these girls are so much fun to work with. late night emails, a sense of humor and a travel itinerary and menu that make me envious. when i grow up (ummm, i think i'm older than them, but still) i want to be like them.

enjoy getting to know cary and jenna & then check out their clothes on souchi.com. fyi, thru 9/30 we have it at 20% to coincide with this article. xo suzisouchi


1) what led you to start ace & jig?

Simply put, Ace&Jig was born out of our desire to do something that we felt passionate about- as we are both obsessed with textiles (and have extensive collections of cloths we have scavenged from the far corners of our travels to prove it), it was a natural extension to turn this vast source of inspiration into a collection our own custom yarn-dye woven fabrics. It was also important to us that our work reflected our own values and lifestyles. We wanted to make effortless, timeless clothing that would become beloved—those favorite items that you cannot imagine yourself without.  Thus, we lovingly create our fabrics, which are all composed of natural fibers and play on the classic medium of the stripe. You can see this concept woven into the silhouettes we create- whether they pull over your head, tie around the waist, or have an array of useful pockets. Our manufacturer in India abides by the Kaizen way of existing ( Japanese concept of constant improvement for body, mind and spirit every single day) and provides free childcare for his workers along with using reclaimed water to cultivate fresh vegetables for them. Indeed, Ace&Jig is a mirror image of our passions and standards for life. 

2) what was the first place/thing/taste that took your breath away (good or bad)?

We love traveling and have been lucky enough to do a lot of it together. Our first visit to Tokyo left us speechless, form the sheer intensity of the pulsating crowd, to the overwhelm of technology and the contrasted peace found in the appreciation for ancient Japanese hand-craft that is still so inspiring to us today. Also, visiting Clignancourt in Paris and the vintage markets in London. We are professional rummagers’ and love the surprises found when sorting through old items. 

3) what do you do to stop a shitty day?

Wine! Music! Friends and family! Honestly there are more good days than bad. Working with your best friend on this brand (which is a labor of love) and being just steps away from our homes and kiddos.. we sincerely cannot complain too much.

Yet, on days that come up short, we've been known to blast “New York Groove” by Kiss which is promptly followed by a cracked open bottle of wine and many a swig. (Now we need some glasses at the studio!)

4) food & drink of choice?

We love to eat anything and everything. Our office space is regularly adorned with take out or pastry boxes. Sushi is big with us... Italian... all the little hidden gems that circle our studio in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. We explore everything from the amazing falafel spot that just sprung up, to the Jamaican seafood place that has been there a million years. And of course we regularly frequent the bakeries.  

As far as it goes with the beverage department- we do not discriminate. Beer, wine - any and every!

5) if price was not an issue (ok, and you've already fed & saved the world) what would you buy?

A trip around the world! Naturally it would include some sail boating, flea markets, spa destinations, souks, road tripping across the USA, visiting friends, eating, drinking and everything in between. We seem to have matured (knock on wood) past the hoarding phase of our lives and now favor blowing our cash on traveling and experiences.  

6) what song always makes you happy?

We love old Leonard Cohen, Jay Z, the XX, The Velvet Underground, Juno Soundtrack, Feist, Paul Simon, Grimes, Kid Cudi, Sleigh Bells. It is hard to pick just one song. We both love "My Sister Says the Saddest Things" by Grimes. Reminds us of our runway show last Spring!

7) which could you not live without: taste? vision? smell? touch?

We are both Taurus’ and super sensory oriented! We would be lost with out all 5 senses, but if we had to choose, vision would be the most critical.

8) what is your favorite piece from your fall '12 collection and why?

 The Reversible Blanket Coat in Birch/Tobacco. The Fall fabrics are so cozy, that we wanted to make a piece that really emulated the sensation of wrapping yourself up in a gorgeously familiar blanket... and its reversible so it works in so many ways.

9) what is your favorite souchi spring/summer '12 piece and how would you wear it? *readers check out our sale section as these items are on sale right now!!

It is all so great! We absolutely adore the Emma Backslit Tank with Bosworth Briefs! 

Loving  how the line takes such soft and gossamer sweater knits, and works them into unexpected silhouettes that are so luxe and flattering... repeat LOVE



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