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Q & A with the talented winifred grace.......

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welcome to my new interview series.
i will be interviewing cool, interesting designers, chefs, artists, stylists, generally amazing people and asking them 9 (my lucky number) questions that i want to know and hoping you want to know too. here's the first.... 
xo suzisouchi 

winifred grace is one of my favorite new jewelry designers that i've never actually met! our love affair has grown via late night emails, texts filled with sarcasm, wit, humor & a lot of laughter (ok, well i'm assuming since we've never actually spoken either). perhaps we're just tired: she's a new mom & being business women we know and understand nothing of the words: sleep, relax or nap. so we could just be deliriously exhausted. anyways, one night i checked out her blog, saw a photo of her home, saw a giant dog sitting on her couch with a blanket (hmmm, just like my first love billy) and an ikat pillow that i have (in a different color) with varying textures, colors and tones, similar to my home. it was strangely familiar. her designs reminded me of my own as well. clean, minimal but with details that make them uniquely hers. pieces that you want to wear and have for a long time. pieces that become a part of you and your life.....they tell a story of where you've been, where you want to go. then winifred gave me an amazing compliment and asked to use souchi knits to to shoot her fall campaign as the backdrop for her designs.....duh....i said yes! 

so please meet the amazing and incredible winifred grace who will take you back to the days of denise huxtible: do it yourself denim, bathtub bleached out jeans, the peg and roll & the braces i wish i could have had ..... damn it!

 Q & A  

1) what led you to start winifred grace? 

 when i was younger i loved designing barrettes and hair combs with ribbons and silk flowers for my mom and actually sold a few hand painted ones to a local children's boutique. i still have that first check for $13. it was then i knew i wanted to make things and sell them, it just took me a long time to remember that dream once i became an adult! i didn't start winifred grace until i was 30 years old. but once i started tapping in to that part of me again, it was so invigorating; incredibly authentic and real. up until then i was just doing what i thought i SHOULD be doing and there's no authenticity in that! 

 2) what was your first 'fashion moment'. meaning: you knew you were the shit that day. describe outfit and how old you were. 

 in 7th grade i took one of my dad's old blue oxford shirts, replaced all the buttons with big round rhinestone buttons, replaced the button down collar with a lace one, and repaired some tears in the back with floral grosgrain ribbon. it was of course enormous on me, and i tucked the front in to my zippered jeans, but left the back to hang down. i was a huge lisa bonet fan, so i commandeered an old pair of wrestling shoes from one of my brother's friends to complete my look. don't forget to diffuse the perm, add a touch of frosted brownie lipstick, and double check there's no food in my braces. pour some sugar on me! 

 3) where do you go to escape? 

 naples, florida. my parents have a place there right on the water and it is the one place where i can relax. i feel ten years younger and ten pounds lighter as soon as i step off the plane! 

 4) coffee, tea or cocktail? 

 cocktail. old fashioned is my favorite. 

 5) celebrity crush? 

 jason lee. boyish, funny and cute. like my husband! 

 6) what is your favorite sad song? 

 all beastie boys songs are now sad to me, but any song on the paul's boutique album is still a favorite. the passing of adam yauch hit me in a way i didn't expect. 

 7) what is a constant source of inspiration?

 i have an obsession with interior design. my own personal style is a mix of modern and clean with ethnic and worldly. to see the hand world of an antique piece of furniture, or the layers and layers of stitching in a vintage textile is always inspiring. it's nice to have those imperfect details as charming reminders of humanity and they are a wonderful contrast to a clean line or finished edge. i approach my jewelry in the same way i think i love to let the hand made quality of my pieces shine through, but keep it sophisticated and not too bohemian by using more clean shapes and lines. much like a unique heirloom piece of wonderfully made furniture, my hope is that the women who buy winifred grace will hang on to those pieces forever. they should never go OUT of style, but rather evolve WITH your own personal style. 

 8) what is your favorite piece from your summer '12 collection and why? how would you wear it? 

 without a doubt the 2 necklace below i love layered together. they are perfect examples of clean, modern lines and imperfect details. 

 9) what is your favorite souchi spring/summer '12 piece and how would you wear it? 

 i have to pick just ONE? ok ok...rib waist plunge top. stunning! sexy! i would wear this with a long floor skimming skirt and a delicate short necklace to compliment that plunging neckline.


souchi loves winifred grace


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