scissors can be your best friend...............

SO, i am pretty sure it will come as no surprise to my friends and customers that i LOVE scissors.
yes, i love them. i often take them to my favorite pieces. i have been wearing frayed jeans for decades, raw hem dresses, skirts & even my beloved ann demeulemeester trousers.
it started in my teens when at 5'2 everything is too long. and to work so hard to save & then buy clothes the last thing i wanted to do was spend more money to have shortened and have to wait to wear them!
add to that, i loved patti smith, debbie harry & iggy pop. not just their music but style too. so i started looking at the rugged, raw & slightly tattered looks and decided to indulge with scissors.
my most recent project is below:
above is an awesome cropped fringe vest from rachel comey that i have waited 6 months to receive. when i saw it in nyc at the showroom in february i was in love.
however, it didn't really love me back.
though, it's super cool in a mad max tina turner way, it was just too much for my frame..
ok, and probably for my age too.
SO, i took the scissors and cut out the middle row of fringe. 
it still was too full for me. so, i then took the outside row of fringe off.
above is the edited & trimmed fringe vest. i love it! still all the details of the original but just now a bit more flattering & wearable for me.
here's a side view to show that it still looks finished. and, it's so easy....took less than 5 minutes. 
then decided these vintage 501's were too long so grabbed the scissors and chopped off 5 inches and was out the door.
the final result is a 7 minute customization of some of my favorite fall things.
so the lesson, if you see something you like but not sure it's perfect for you think about cutting it instead of walking away from it.
outfit above:
souchi cashmere #95 bobble beret
rachel comey cropped fringe vest
enza costa bold l/s u
vintage levis 501
belstaff booties
ara pearl flip ring

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