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summertime rolls..........cue the music......

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ok, who doesn't love a title for a blog post that is named from a jane's addiction song?
here's the thing:
'i can't wear a knit dress....too fitted....shows all the wrong things'....
 i have heard all of this and the answer is:
then you haven't tried the right knit dress.
i love knit dresses and yes, some are more flattering than others. and yes, if i had abs of steel and a butt that was just under my shoulder blades well then i would never have to worry about anything fashion related.
HOWEVER, i don't have those traits, yet, still i love a knit dress.
the empire cami dress is awesome year round. 
for summer i love it with leather sandals and belt with minimal layered necklaces and a cool cuff.
and, of course, a souchi tricia head scarf
for winter, image textured tights (commando's are awesome), booties or boots & a leather jacket or chunky sweater. trade out the head scarf for a beanie and you're set.
the de palma zingara wrap tassel belt is a favorite of mine (coming soon on-line or call aspen 970-925-2580). i love the lariat shape that adds just a bit of playfulness.
bauXo fortitude cuff is awesome. leather and metal and side fit detail is amazing. not to mention the insane price is a STEAL.
look shown:
souchi empire cami dress in sienna
de palma zingara tassel belt
made in kenya tuvette pendant (sold out)
made in kenya nungunungu pendant (sold out)
souchi tricia head scarf in oatmeal
bauxo fortitude bracelet in brass/black
katharine page sandals (sold out - check out valia sandals instead)
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick


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