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my cool 70's sweater.......

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like most people in fashion i LOVE the 70's.
and it's fun to be inspired by elements of a decade and mix with the current styles.
here's a reinterpretation of 'that 70's sweater' today:
anyone who knows me knows i LOVE yellow and all versions of it. there's something retro about it.
i also love that people have a strong feeling about yellow. and it's always funny why they don't like it.
growing up my mom loved yellow in the yellow kitchen, yellow/ivory/brown in the living room, yellow in the bathrooms. you'd think i'd hate it now but still love it. 
however, i don't have yellow in my house nor have i ever had it. strange. something to ponder.
BUT, yellow for clothing i LOVE!
my favorite bathing suit of all time was my yellow tank one piece with a golden shimmer. i was totally going for bo derek in 10 sans braids....i was SO close...sure!
anyways, yellow is awesome.
the texture of the halston cardi is a nubby linen & cotton.
push up the sleeves, layer with simple white organic cotton cami's 
and faded jeans to achieve the casual vibe.
this look:
mother denim looker crops in cliffhanger (size 28 only
loup charmant peasant tunic (tucked in so it's shorter) in white
evergreen violet florence beanie in kelp (sold out)
bauxo origins bangles in silver
made in kenya miwanju pendant (sold out)
souchi halston cardi 


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