stripe knit camisole………LOVE

i love stripes. i love the 70's and well, duh, i love a bobble beret.
my new spring slub linen & cotton stripe camisole is a shout out to the queen of knits. yes, i've called this cami 'sonia'.
love it here with mother denim jeans, souchi bobble beret & butik large metal rounds necklaces.
LOVE how these jeans make the legs look SO long.
adding the black band & straps makes it more edgy and less boho
everything is better with metal butik beads from ethiopia
and if you purchase before may 15 receive 15% off.
use code: sonia
at checkout
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick


  • jan

    i rarely favor bright colors, but the touch of yellow in this cami is outstanding! looks like a great summer basic!

  • Cara

    I love, love, love the colors, sun and sand!

  • Grace

    The shape of this could honestly not be any more flattering, the best part is the length- hard to find tops that work with such a long torso as mine and you have plenty of them! This is my new summer fave!

  • Helen

    The scalloped edge on this is so sweet, what a beautiful detail.

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