18 & 50 for one pair of jeans..........love

ok, so these irolo jeans came in and i fell in love. they are so comfortable. so fun. so cool. and, a bit ridiculous which makes me love them even more. at 5'3.5 (yes, i'll take that extra half inch - for height only!) and 50 years old i had to style them differently. so in this post you'll see them on me AND on our model who is 18 and 5'10.
i did a super cuff to show off the white and added a fitted v tank, fedora and cropped cardigan.
the fitted cardigan allows you to show off the waist of the jean and eliminate added bulk. the shrunken sweater is VINTAGE souchi circa 2000. i tied it to the back to look more like a shrug.
adding 4" woven wedges and a smile. anything that makes you smile this big should be yours.
now, for the younger ladies....i suggest a few changes but similar idea:
wear the irolo's a bit slouchy and the same tank that's slightly ruched to make it shorter. add a souchi medoyeff shrug, mules and a top knot.
if you have dreamy abs then cinching them lower on the waist is really cute. add some binky bangles (at souchi aspen) and a yellow bead necklace for a pop of color.
playful accessories and shades keep it young and fun. but, i think this look can be worn at 50 too. just not so low and not a crop top.
i'm in love with these shoes are you? woven leather peep toe mule. and hoop earrings.
love these jeans.

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