winter to spring color transitions......

color transitions....
march seems to be the month where mother nature tends to be a tad indecisive... just when
she gives a few days of sunshine, warmer weather & we start to pack up the chunky knits....well then BAM! POW! BOOM!
and then it's .....wait don't quite put things away...yet. 
however, those few days have inspired us to bring out some lighter shades and weights. 
here is a compromise of shades of winter mixed with textures and colors of spring....
souchi 100% cotton caroline cardi in kelp (in chicago 773-687-9638)
mother denim lookers in deep voodoo (in chicago 773-687-9638)
enza costa tunic layer racer tank in silver mink
made in kenya bibaka bangles
souchi bobble beret in peaches (in chicago 773-687-9638)
cindy kirk pouch plus in oiled chocolate
pics courtesy of jessica domnick

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