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'made creates beautiful, unique, handcrafted accessories in their kenyan workshop. they train, teach and empower their team by providing sustainable employment and opportunities within their community.'
here's what i LOVE .... so many brands are out their supporting causes like this which is awesome. however, they are selling things for prices that seem, in my opinion, that they are making, quite a large profit. yes, they are helping people, who may otherwise, not get the help they need. but, shouldn't they be helping more, considering the price they are getting the product for a price much lower than they would in their own country?
now, obviously, this is PURE ASSUMPTION...i don't know these companies numbers or practices but i do know mine. i know what i pay to have things made in this country. and, i have been approached so many times via email, phone & trade shows by factory representatives from all over the world wanting to produce souchi and the price per sweater is astounding! and the minimums are no longer as high as they were when i started 17 hears ago. i understand the temptation to manufacture overseas because it really is a cents on the dollar. but, for me, i always wanted to have made here and close & the control.
so, when, i found made i was shocked at the quality, price & concept. the prices range from $28-120!!! so little to do so much: politically, emotionally, economically & fashionably!
here are my favorites from the current collection.
i am guessing your collecting will begin.......NOW
chomani necklace $88
irma necklace $88
nzunzula necklace $88
kubwa pendant necklace $76

nungunungu necklace $56
minwanjii silver necklace $88
silver twiga earrings $34
mubati hoop earrings $44
nungunungo earrings $56
now.....the prices are incredible but we want to support the cause and 
tempt you with starting your collection
feb 22-24
use code: made
and you'll receive 10% on any made purchase
fun fact: who knew you could clean brass by washing with lemon juice? or do the classic way with warm soapy water and dry with soft cloth.
*photos courtesy of jessica domnick & brooke casillas
& the blurry ones are clearly from yours truly


  • jessica

    I bought the Chomani and just wore it for the first time. I’ve never received so many compliments and I was just wearing a classic blouse and skinny jeans with it. One of my friends said, “I’m afraid to ask how much that necklace was.”

  • Nicole

    CAN’T believe the prices of these pieces! So happy to know about this jewelry line.

  • Elizabeth

    What a great brand! Such beautiful pieces at an amazing price!

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