perfect look for a valentines night out....

here's the thing..... valentines can be cheesy.....all that red, pink, cards and endearments everywhere & society saying you must participate can be annoying. 
however, all that pink, red, cards, candy & endearments can be sweet. so why not enjoy it in a way that works for you.
for me, that means:
i will not be wearing red nor will i be wearing anything in the shape of a heart. nor, am i hoping that my man purchases anything he saw advertised on the multiple late night commercials, ads or just because. 
instead, we will be enjoying a delicious indulgent dinner with too much wine & cocktails with friends.
so cashmere (read stretch factor) will be a necessity, cool simple accessories (read: made in kenya twiga earrings) and an awesome clutch from victor simoni. my sweater of choice for the evening will be the margi top with overlay. i love it. simple. sexy. and festive. with my fave ann demeulemeester high waisted men's trousers that to me are always sexy. or, try as we're showing with mother denim's yummy runaway jeans in dances of a mockingbird wash (available at souchi chicago 773-687-9638)
have fun and enjoy
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick


  • Jessica

    Not crazy about all the matchy, cutesy stuff for Valentine’s so this is right up my alley.

  • Jackie

    Couldn’t agree more…Great sexy date-night look, Suzi!

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