amis poncho piece on sale thru feb 8........... – souchi

amis poncho piece on sale thru feb 8...........

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oversized amis poncho in extra fine merino wool $318 (20% off thru february 8 use code: suzibest) is a versatile piece. here, it is shown casual with mother denims vamp jeans in rough it up wash ($220 call chicago store 773-687-9638), enza costa bold l/s v in coral ($116) & made in kenya's nzunzula pendant charm necklace ($88) & souchi #76 bobble beret (also 20% off using code: suzibest at checkout)
here the poncho is shown with the giada forte pleat skirt, layered enza costa tunic layer tankracer tunic tank & souchi cashmere tricia head scarf. love 
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick


  • amy: February 14, 2015

    I would have never thought to turn the poncho around and wear it as a cape, genius, sort of sophisticated superhero, ha!

  • Donna: February 09, 2015

    I have three tricia headscarves. Never been a hat girl… can’t recommend enough!!

  • kendall: February 08, 2015

    what a wonderful and classic piece!

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