cashmere crew neck inspiration.......

who didn't love 'love story' starring ali macgraw in 1970 & bonnie & clyde in 1967 starring faye dunaway? for you younger readers, if you have not seen these movies it should be on your high priority list.
these are 2 movies that are constantly a source of inspiration for designers for almost 50 years!
ali macgraw
faye dunaway in bonnie & clyde
chances are you have been dressing like these characters whether you knew it or not. for the last 17 years i have designed so many collections and still always think back to how stylish a simple a crew neck is
here is chicago's styled looks of our souchi mina cashmere crew. shot in lincoln park by jessica domnick.
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worn with mother denim tequilla truth lookers (available in souchi chicago or by phone 773-687-9638), cindy kirk chrissy bag, giada forte shirt & made in kenya mubati hoop earrings
butik disc beads in brass & copper with victor simoni clutch in aspen 
enza costa tank dress (available in store & on-line soon!) & souchi bottega cashmere wrap & accessories as before
souchi alpine bobble beret


  • Sarah

    Such great style icons, how can any forget those films!
    Obsessed with the sweater over the skirt, with the belt, the scarf, everything about this look.

  • clare

    absolutely love this sweater! didn’t realize how versatile a crew neck could be, and this one has such beautiful detailing.

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