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DENIM....we love a fray

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denim is everyone's go too.
we are in love with the clear as day wash in the ankle fray denim from mother.
it's the wash that works with all your winter colors YET makes you fully aware that spring is just around the corner. and the fray gives it a casual lived in vibe WITHOUT being sloppy.
here we've paired it with the souchi silk classic cardi in kelp, enza costa bold l/s u, our lovely bottega wraps & rocky coast beanie.
january 23-25 use code: bottega
to receive 25% off our 100% cashmere bottega wraps
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick

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  • sasha: February 14, 2015

    Love the frayed ankle of these jeans, I haven’t seen that before! Need to get these immediately!

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