one cool thing.......makes all things cool

don't you love that piece you find that you think at first thought is 'too specific' until it's actually in your closet & you realize it was the missing link?
that's how i feel about this giada_forte blouse.
yes, it's sheer.
yes, it's chiffon.
yes, it's velvet.
yes, it's a high neck blouse.
what's your point?
it is freaking awesome! 
 i tried it on with cut offs the other day and IT works!
works with my leather, my denim, my pony skin shorts, my beat up paint covered levis with holes (my fave) and so far can't find a thing it doesn't work with.
here's the thing about things that at first glance feel dressy....that's in your head and in every dumb fashion book that tells you what 'color' you are or to not wear white past labor day. seriously, why is someone telling us what we can't wear or when we can wear it?
this blouse is awesome and just cool. oh, and it's on sale for $200 less 20% if you use code: giada20 before jan 20.
why is it on sale? I DON'T KNOW
here's how the souchi chicago girls see it. love.
*thank you jessica domnick for photos

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