january means COLD...........

so keep your head warm WHILE still looking so cute.
if you know me, you KNOW i almost always have a hat, beanie or headscarf on my head. yes, i just didn't get the girl gene about wanting to do my hair. let alone, every morning and especially during the winter. i love hats (and clearly cookies!)
i love a hat & i often hear i can wear any hat. that may be true but i think it's all in the attitude or energy. you have to want to wear hats. once on my head it's like i don't even know it's there. i am comfortable in hats. and i believe that's all it takes. not my bangs. not my hair style. nothing but finding the ones that work and then just putting them on.
here are some of my faves from my closet & from my store:
2010 nyc, 2001-ish formenterra spain, 2013 aspen, 2008 portland, 2006 portland, 2012 brazil, 2007 portland, 2014 aspen, 2014 chicago, 2007 portland, 2014 aspen, 2012 foz di iquaco
souchi 'snow bunny' hat (available aspen), souchi bobble beret in starfish, souchi alpine bobble beret in concrete, souchi sparrow in chili, souchi sparrow in stingray (black), souchi cashmere tricia head scarves.
so stay warm and looking great.

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