my fave things on the sale rack.....

who doesn't love a deal? i love a deal (evens out all that full price stuff i couldn't run the risk of losing) but loathe bargain shopping. i don't want to fight crowds. i don't want things that have been tried on a zillion times and i don't have any desire to find that 'jewel' amidst all the ....well....crap. 

so, at the chance i am boasting, i like being a buyer & feel i do a pretty good job at editing what goes into my stores & on-line. SO, the hope being there isn't anything you wouldn't want. 

here are my absolute favorite non-souchi pieces on our sale rack that i think are fun, cool & timeless.........even if you only bust them out a few times a year....they will still stand the test of fashion:


corey lynn calter kyla dress in stripe $150@ & $200 for floral 

the fit is great. roomy thru waist & hips and tapered at hem. love.


enza costa cashmere/cotton overlap dress the comfiest dress you will ever put on $180

giada forte leather front skirt $300 and oh so good

giada wool & velvet loose top (amazing!) $200

giada silk & velvet stripe blouse (beautiful!) $200

nue faux fur vest (sold out in a blink & ordered more that came in late) $300

nue silk & bead blouse (the comfiest blouse - love mine with cream jeans)

thea grant westbury (this is so awesome! and wear with a tank not a ball gown!!) 

corey lynn calter maxi bead skirt $170...we love it with our souchi mel raglan 

happy shopping!

don't forget if ordered before jan 20, 2015 use code: giada20 

to get 20% off entire giada collection



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