the perfect tote bag........

here's the thing about bags. every season there is an 'IT' bag. months before it's available you will see the ads, then the editorials, then the celebrities shot out and about town wearing them. the mad flurry to get on the 'list' for when it's available. all that excitement........ it's the 'IT' bag because it's beautiful, cool & now. 
however, for me, i am usually over the 'IT' bag before i ever put my name on a list. why? because i have seen that bag everywhere for months that i feel like i already have had it. to me, it feels last season before it's even available. funny, but true. 
somehow, for me...the 'IT' bag becomes 'THAT' bag which is why i love finding an awesome bag that is cool, fashionable, beautiful & timeless. AND, if there is no logo, well then........BUY IT AND BUY IT NOW is my approach.
amazing giada forte tote bag
when what seems like everyone is wearing the latest 'it' bag with labels and logos it is refreshing to have something unique, cool, stylish and practical. not to mention only $410!
this stunner from giada forte has chocolate leather straps and the body is wool boucle.
absolutely beautiful.
model is wearing souchi rachel funnel tunic (as dress) and evergreen violet beanie.
if the perfect tote has a perfect coat????

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