playa del carmen 2014

playa del carmen
absolute relaxation, impeccable service AND unexpected guests.....
one of my nearest and dearest escaped to playa for some r&r. i love playa and the viceroy was incredible. we were perhaps the ONLY people there this week that weren't newlyweds!
*take note if you're considering a june trip: june = honeymooners
here are some of my favorites pics from the trip. and a re-do that we took 7 years ago. i haven't decided if i am happy about this or not!
complimentary towels and sun hats both poolside & at the beach
cindy kirk original tote (perfect for beach, dinner & shopping)
the prettiest water bottles i've seen
mexican 'street food' night poolside
*please note outside the window is the lover who kept following from window to window. LOVE
super sweet house guest who DEVOURED my $40 dessert! sweet boy had a broken foot so i felt he needed a lil something
miss you already playa
morning yoga on the water
ridiculous pattern & prints happening...i couldn't resist!!!
playa circa 2006 & 2014

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