for the lazy days of summer........


love those lazy days of summer......loungin' with your friends, sprinklers, thoughts of 'are we too old for slip & slide?' which is really code for 'i don't want to break a hip or bone...


well, those days are meant for simple tees, awesome jeans, a cozy sweater, old school style sunglasses, ipa's, and flats...AND great accessories.


here are my favorites:

victor simoni zip wallets

tom ford sunglasses

mother denim railroad stripe lookers (available souchi chicago 773-687-9638)

borsalino straw hat

santoni woven leather brogues

souchi tricia head scarf in cashmere & linen

giada forte sandals

souchi duncan hooded cardi

ace & jig cotton pegged trouser

my favorite perfume available here (this is the brand but not the scent)

enza costa stripe long sleeve tee

the classic americana converse all stars

giada forte silk & cotton shirt 

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