shoes 2014............

what a girl wants......always SHOES!
anyone who knows me knows i love shoes. i love classics but tend towards something a bit more adventurous and sometimes impractical.
but living in aspen (snow, ice & cobble stone streets) & traveling a lot for work & fun means i need to welcome practical styles too.
here are my favorites from spring '14 collections
from top left:
martin margiela, santoni woven wedge, santoni wedge, ann demeulemeester booties, valentino ankle straps, christian siriano pumps, sophia webster ankle ties, givency booties, givency ankle straps, giada forte wrap sandals, saint laurent booties, alaia plexi heel, addidas by stella mccartney, saint laurent booties, santoni brogues, valia sandy cays.
*all shoes not linked are available on
here are 4 styles that i can't understand. for me personally, i just don't understand the idea of spending $550 on tennis shoes. let alone, tennis shoes that are made to look dirty OR look like the tennis shoes sold in the grocery store for $4.99 when i was a kid. and a $570 version of water polo shoes? now this isn't about price but more style. i am known to spend a ridiculous amount of money on shoes. BUT, in my defense i choose wisely because most of my shoes i have for at least 10+ years. some of my favorites were so forward that 20 yrs later i still get stopped when i wear them.
i think shoes should be interesting, creative and outside the box at times but i also think they should look good on your feet. 
what do you think? and if you love these tell me why....i might be swayed!

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