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who is this silver fox?


i saw this picture & had to google to find out who she is.... i mean, not many can rock a pair of $6k chanel multi chain boots, lv bag (thanks for choosing the cool blue trim) with a fringe poncho, grey t-shirt &'s not overkill? i had to know....clearly she was in the fashion business but i wanted to know what she did because the effortless ease of her outfit, makeup the insanely cool hair = idgaf and i was intrigued. was she a stylist? editor? writer? turns out sarah harris is fashion features director for british vogue.

i am obsessed with her hair & style. i love that she had not colored her even though it started turning 'silver' not grey (too mundane a word when it looks this good) when she was 16. i read that she played around with wash in & out colors in her teens but then decided it was too exhausting. LOVE THAT! considering my temples were 'silver' (clearly grey is too boring for me too) since i was probably 18.and by mid twenties just around my hair line (see why i LOVE bangs? less time at the salon). luckily, at 45 they just exist there. BUT, sarah's hair looks so modern and she looks beautiful. perhaps if i had lighter hair because i would think the grow out process would be a NIGHTMARE for someone like me with such naturally dark hair.

anyways, on to her amazing style......below are some of my favorite looks. i love the accessories & cool statement pieces worn with denim or less fussy pieces. doesn't she seem like a modern day more rebellious carolyn bessette







Suzanne Johnson
Suzanne Johnson


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