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my holiday wish... wait......WANT list......

it's that time of year, when your love, your friends & family want to know what you want for the holidays. i've always had trouble with that question because i love the surprise of what will be given & i love the idea of knowing someone chose something just for me. truth be told, sometimes i wonder how they chose what they did but there is always a reason.
but a list for my blog is easy because it's pure indulgence which makes it so much fun!.
happy holidays to you & yours
top center: kerry cassil bedding (i love the feel of her cotton & love that it makes me feel like i'm on vacation
top right: thea grant varet earrings (love is always on my mind)
middle right: insane givenchy stripe snakeskin boots (LORDY these are amazing!)
bottom right: souchi nadya backless cashmere sweater......perfect for new years
center bottom: 1967 jaguar.....the most perfect car ever made EVER
bottom left: gorgeous carry-on bag from filson
top left: comme des garcons laptop case in this super fun sour apple green
center: i am loving this bright pink shaded ball made of czech glass. love

Suzanne Johnson
Suzanne Johnson



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