enza costa twist back jersey dress may just be the best LBD...

who doesn't love the LBD? the twist back midi dress from enza costa is awesome & the price........$208! a yummy jersey that skims the body without being tight. we love the classic look from the front that can take you day to evening AND from the last days of winter thru summer. 
worn above with souchi cashmere bobble beret in starfish, butik disc bead necklaces (worn as bracelet), victor simoni fold over clutch & made in kenya minwanjii necklace.
layered with the enza costa bold l/s crew in major brown
worn alone with sassy bra & souchi bobble beret in starfish
worn with souchi trina cardi cape, cindy kirk ceci bag (25% off thru 2/1/15 - use code: cindy at checkout), giada forte pleat skirt & souchi cashmere & linen tricia head scarf in aim.
super cute back detail of miwanjii necklace
worn layered with stylists own belt, enza costa bold l/s crew, souchi florence merino wool beanie and souchi bottega wrap.

cashmere crew neck inspiration.......

who didn't love 'love story' starring ali macgraw in 1970 & bonnie & clyde in 1967 starring faye dunaway? for you younger readers, if you have not seen these movies it should be on your high priority list.
these are 2 movies that are constantly a source of inspiration for designers for almost 50 years!
ali macgraw
faye dunaway in bonnie & clyde
chances are you have been dressing like these characters whether you knew it or not. for the last 17 years i have designed so many collections and still always think back to how stylish a simple a crew neck is
here is chicago's styled looks of our souchi mina cashmere crew. shot in lincoln park by jessica domnick.
january 28-feb 1 receive 25% off if you use code:
at check out
worn with mother denim tequilla truth lookers (available in souchi chicago or by phone 773-687-9638), cindy kirk chrissy bag, giada forte shirt & made in kenya mubati hoop earrings
butik disc beads in brass & copper with victor simoni clutch in aspen 
enza costa tank dress (available in store & on-line soon!) & souchi bottega cashmere wrap & accessories as before
souchi alpine bobble beret
January 27, 2015

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a great piece......AND it's on sale!

the cashmere infinity scarf in our 6 ply scottish cashmere is the perfect winter accessory. wear it off the shoulder, as a cowl, as a hood.....your way. we love the colors and it's on sale for $200.  HOWEVER, if you purchase before january 31, 2015 and use code: cashmereinfinity you will get an additional 25% off!
check out these images from jessica domnick showing ways to wear it & close up detail of the melange. LOVE.
January 27, 2015


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ok..........i love androgyny in fashion.......but

i am not feeling this collection for gucci mens AW 2015
i can get into the dandy vibe, crazy prints, etc...but somehow all together it's just a bit too feminine for me and i would imagine many of my male friends.
i think, sheer, ribbons, ruffles and chiffon would be challenging in a mens collection. plus, using cream & nudes for the chiffon. interesting concept and people are talking about it so maybe that was the point.
all, this being said, i kinda love some of these blouses for me.
what do you guys think?
meanwhile i LOVE these photos from the

DENIM....we love a fray

denim is everyone's go too.
we are in love with the clear as day wash in the ankle fray denim from mother.
it's the wash that works with all your winter colors YET makes you fully aware that spring is just around the corner. and the fray gives it a casual lived in vibe WITHOUT being sloppy.
here we've paired it with the souchi silk classic cardi in kelp, enza costa bold l/s u, our lovely bottega wraps & rocky coast beanie.
january 23-25 use code: bottega
to receive 25% off our 100% cashmere bottega wraps
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick
January 17, 2015


cashmere › hoodies › sweaters ›

crop hoodie

duh, i love sweaters!
after looking through 17+ years of souchi collections (over shock) and looking forward to what that inspiration brings. so many favorites. but, one constant is a hoodie. i seem to never get enough of them.
this winter i did a small capsule collection of crop hoodies and here's how chicago styled them......
*keep reading below to get the discount code
*photos courtesy of jessica domnick
worn with mother denim's dance of a mockingbird jeans (call chicago store 773-687-9638), enza costa bold l/s u in oxblood & cindy kirk pouch plus in saddle.
use code: hoodie15
today (january 17) to get 15% off at
January 14, 2015


denim › fashion › sweaters ›

the perfect funnel neck sweater......

i LOVE a funnel neck! 
i think it's the perfect winter sweater. no need for the added bulk of a scarf. and, set enough away from neck that it's not annoying like a turtleneck. 
this souchi sweater has a curved hem with rib edging detail & loose fit thru the body. i am bias but still i LOVE it.
use code: funnel
at to receive 15% off by 1/20/15
for this shoot we styled it:
with mother denim's rascal jean (both cuffed & un-cuffed)
*available in chicago 773-687-9638
butik metal disc beads (worn as bracelets)
winifred grace brass cuff
*available in chicago 773-687-9638
souchi rocky coast beanie in chili
*photos by jessica domnick
January 10, 2015


essential: cashmere vest

don't call it a come back....
i feel the sweater vests are the essential item for every closet.... well, every woman's closet!
check out the souchi paige vest, souchi trina vest & the souchi theresa vest
what can't you wear these with? and how many ways can you wear them.
worn backwards
thank you jessica domnick for the photos

one cool thing.......makes all things cool

don't you love that piece you find that you think at first thought is 'too specific' until it's actually in your closet & you realize it was the missing link?
that's how i feel about this giada_forte blouse.
yes, it's sheer.
yes, it's chiffon.
yes, it's velvet.
yes, it's a high neck blouse.
what's your point?
it is freaking awesome! 
 i tried it on with cut offs the other day and IT works!
works with my leather, my denim, my pony skin shorts, my beat up paint covered levis with holes (my fave) and so far can't find a thing it doesn't work with.
here's the thing about things that at first glance feel dressy....that's in your head and in every dumb fashion book that tells you what 'color' you are or to not wear white past labor day. seriously, why is someone telling us what we can't wear or when we can wear it?
this blouse is awesome and just cool. oh, and it's on sale for $200 less 20% if you use code: giada20 before jan 20.
why is it on sale? I DON'T KNOW
here's how the souchi chicago girls see it. love.
*thank you jessica domnick for photos
January 10, 2015


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january means COLD...........

so keep your head warm WHILE still looking so cute.
if you know me, you KNOW i almost always have a hat, beanie or headscarf on my head. yes, i just didn't get the girl gene about wanting to do my hair. let alone, every morning and especially during the winter. i love hats (and clearly cookies!)
i love a hat & i often hear i can wear any hat. that may be true but i think it's all in the attitude or energy. you have to want to wear hats. once on my head it's like i don't even know it's there. i am comfortable in hats. and i believe that's all it takes. not my bangs. not my hair style. nothing but finding the ones that work and then just putting them on.
here are some of my faves from my closet & from my store:
2010 nyc, 2001-ish formenterra spain, 2013 aspen, 2008 portland, 2006 portland, 2012 brazil, 2007 portland, 2014 aspen, 2014 chicago, 2007 portland, 2014 aspen, 2012 foz di iquaco
souchi 'snow bunny' hat (available aspen), souchi bobble beret in starfish, souchi alpine bobble beret in concrete, souchi sparrow in chili, souchi sparrow in stingray (black), souchi cashmere tricia head scarves.
so stay warm and looking great.
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