awesome sale piece........the leather zingara belt

the lovely jane aldridge of sea of shoes blog...

if you haven't seen her blog...go now...

incredible styling and inspiration.


so here i love the simplicity of this look and thought our super sale

leather zingara belt looks like this.

and, it's on sale for $80! if you purchase by january 17 then you can get an additional 40% off which makes it $48!! use code: celebrate 

at check out.

you can get a similar look with this corey lynn calter joan dress $100 less 40% if bought by january 17.

or the catia flannel dress with the zingara belt would be great.





souchi cashmere fringe poncho......

so, i love the souchi fringe poncho.
yes, i am bias BUT really i am wearing it with everything.
somewhere between a wrap and a poncho but keeping your arms free. i love the freedom. of movement. 
love that you can wear it so many ways. check out some ideas here.
kinda makes me feel like the ladies in florence, italy sitting in the park on benches......except i am wearing better shoes! 
it's true, i just can't get into 'wearable' day. 
probably, when i am one of those older ladies :)
*for a similar shape dress check out on our super sale the 'shelly' dress by corey lynn calter. if purchased by 1/20/16 use code: celebrate to receive an additional 40% off so the shelly would be $60!
outfit shown:
souchi fringe cashmere poncho 
souchi cashmere bobble beret
ulla johnson dress 
chloe harper lace up boots 
sarah graham manzanita pendant necklace

great sale piece #2 & #3

another awesome dress on our sale rack...
cult brand, objects without meaning, made the perfect shirt dress. semi sheer, 3/4 sleeves and side slits in hem. 
one left....$80 less the additional 40% off (if you use code: celebrate) thru january 20, 2016.
5miishown here with cindy kirk pouch plus, souchi cashmere head scarf & beautiful scarf by mii.
this scarf is also on our super sale and $50 - 40% = $30!!
December 30, 2015


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who doesn't love a great deal?
really, everyone does....some because you need the price to be lower and when it is...SCORE.
others, you love the deal because it means you can buy more.
yes, consumerism at it's best.
so, a series on my fave SUPER sale items on
AND, if you purchase before january 20, 2016
use code: celebrate
and you'll get an ADDITIONAL 40% OFF
the 'shelly' dress by corey lynn calter is a must have year round dress. pretty black (almost charcoal) silk with feather print and draped pockets. it's a button front shirt collar that i like to tuck in to give me a v-neck. so easy... $100 (with code) $60!!
this close up shows the tucked in collar, de palma's infinity leather wrap belt ($188) & my fave sarah graham necklace from elliott yeary gallery in aspen. also, top picture i am wearing a beautiful smokey gray lucite beveled bangle from lanvin. i got this many years ago in monaco and still love it. it simply works with everything!
cut out, peep toe, etc are great boots to wear silk dresses. i think it makes them look less heavy but still cool & a bit punk. these are my fave ann demeulemeester's that i simply wonder how i got dressed without them!
so, take a look at our sale section and don't forget to use the code: celebrate
for an additional 40% off!
shop now
December 22, 2015


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inspiration & aspirations

sometimes you can want, want, WANT something and you can't have it....such was the case with this insanely beautiful dress from valentino.  i LOVE the simplicity of this dress. so minimal yet so cool. the price was out of reach....and the neckline for me too high (though scissors & an awesome tailor could have fixed that). i have many pics of this dress on my computer. the inspiration for so many things.... 


in typical  fashion i watered it down to something for the masses....

yes, gift the simplicity and crafty look

now if only santa delivers me some valentino......

a girl can dream!

happy holidays



December 04, 2015


rip....... scott weiland

scott weiland 
so sad to find out today the sudden death of singer & musician scott weiland.
i was, and still am, a huge fan of stone temple pilots. and, then velvet revolver.
a huge talent. a seemingly tortured and gifted soul. 
the song still remains is on every playlist and for over 21 years for sure in my top 20.
"Still Remains"

our bed we live, our bed we sleep
making love and I become you
flesh is warm with naked feet
stabbing thorns and you become me
oh, I'd beg for you. Oh, you know I'll beg for you.

pick a song and sing a yellow nectarine
take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave
if you should die before me
ask if you can bring a friend
pick a flower, hold your breath
and drift away...

she holds my hand we share a laugh,
slipping orange blossom breezes
love is still and sweat remains
a cherished gift unselfish feeling...
oh, I'd beg for you. Oh, you know I'll beg for you.

pick a song and sing a yellow nectarine
take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave
if you should die before me
ask if you can bring a friend
pick a flower, hold your breath
and drift away...

she tells me things, I listen well
drink the wine and save the water
skin is smooth, I steal a glance
dragon flies "er" gliding over...
oh, I'll beg for you. Oh, you know I'll beg for you.

pick a song and sing a yellow nectarine
take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave
if you should die before me
ask if you can bring a friend
pick a flower, hold your breath
and drift away...
October 25, 2015


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scissors can be your best friend...............

SO, i am pretty sure it will come as no surprise to my friends and customers that i LOVE scissors.
yes, i love them. i often take them to my favorite pieces. i have been wearing frayed jeans for decades, raw hem dresses, skirts & even my beloved ann demeulemeester trousers.
it started in my teens when at 5'2 everything is too long. and to work so hard to save & then buy clothes the last thing i wanted to do was spend more money to have shortened and have to wait to wear them!
add to that, i loved patti smith, debbie harry & iggy pop. not just their music but style too. so i started looking at the rugged, raw & slightly tattered looks and decided to indulge with scissors.
my most recent project is below:
above is an awesome cropped fringe vest from rachel comey that i have waited 6 months to receive. when i saw it in nyc at the showroom in february i was in love.
however, it didn't really love me back.
though, it's super cool in a mad max tina turner way, it was just too much for my frame..
ok, and probably for my age too.
SO, i took the scissors and cut out the middle row of fringe. 
it still was too full for me. so, i then took the outside row of fringe off.
above is the edited & trimmed fringe vest. i love it! still all the details of the original but just now a bit more flattering & wearable for me.
here's a side view to show that it still looks finished. and, it's so easy....took less than 5 minutes. 
then decided these vintage 501's were too long so grabbed the scissors and chopped off 5 inches and was out the door.
the final result is a 7 minute customization of some of my favorite fall things.
so the lesson, if you see something you like but not sure it's perfect for you think about cutting it instead of walking away from it.
outfit above:
souchi cashmere #95 bobble beret
rachel comey cropped fringe vest
enza costa bold l/s u
vintage levis 501
belstaff booties
ara pearl flip ring
October 05, 2015


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souchi's paige vest......fall perfection........

the paige vest is a tried & true classic that we keep re-knitting. it's the easiest thing to wear year round. 
tie it up
wrap it up
wear it upside down
belt it
knot it
try it and you'll be sure to find a new way to wear it.
when worn with your fave shredded jeans it keeps it polished instead of a bit grungy. the lighter the color you choose the more details show. like the horizontal ribbing that drapes nicely over your body.

all season sweater dress.......AND it's on sale's still pretty warm in most parts of the country i thought what better to wear than the naomi knit dress.
this on is on super sale with a few left.
so throw on your favorite booties (we love rachel comey's nassau boot), a cross body bag from cindy kirk & a leather belt (we love de palma) and your favorite necklace (butik shown here)
as is cools down throw on commando ultimate opaque tights & a chunky souchi sasha cardigan or our new cashmere fringe poncho.
August 12, 2015


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feeling sienna.........

i love saturation in color and when it's vibrant like sienna i'm just happy.
this color is beautiful for summer and flows perfectly into fall. can't you picture it with tights, boots and a chunky sweater?
the color is so beautiful with mixed metal....throw in some topaz and mixed semi precious stones and it's just beautiful.
chocolate leather and a simple brass buckled just adds to the rich tones. 
look shown above:
souchi empire cami dress in sienna $478
butik metal disc bead necklaces $50
butik metal tube bead necklaces $38
assorted semi precious necklaces from susan gansel (call aspen 970-925-2580)
bauXo brash leather belt $106 
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