July 20, 2014

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what accessories can do to a $38.99 dress......

accessories can change the feel, look and style to any article of clothing. i found this cotton sundress for $38.99. my intention was to use it for a beach cover-up. but, it was so comfortable & light weight i wanted to wear it to work this week when it was 87 degrees. SO, add my trusty butik metal bead necklaces, a rachel zimmerman necklace, valia's sandy cay wrap around sandals & a pop of tom ford red lipstick. so simple, fun and summer-y but mostly it was comfortable!!

playa del carmen 2014

viceroy mayan riviera
playa del carmen
absolute relaxation, impeccable service AND unexpected guests.....
one of my nearest and dearest escaped to playa for some r&r. i love playa and the viceroy was incredible. we were perhaps the ONLY people there this week that weren't newlyweds!
*take note if you're considering a june trip: june = honeymooners
here are some of my favorites pics from the trip. and a re-do that we took 7 years ago. i haven't decided if i am happy about this or not!
complimentary towels and sun hats both poolside & at the beach
cindy kirk original tote (perfect for beach, dinner & shopping)
the prettiest water bottles i've seen
mexican 'street food' night poolside
*please note outside the window is the lover who kept following from window to window. LOVE
super sweet house guest who DEVOURED my $40 dessert! sweet boy had a broken foot so i felt he needed a lil something
miss you already playa
morning yoga on the water
ridiculous pattern & prints happening...i couldn't resist!!!
playa circa 2006 & 2014

best looks from.........

here's one of the amazing things celebrities get to enjoy:
lots and lots of free clothes & accessories. 
so, not only are these ladies talented, beautiful, have killer bodies but they have great style too. i love the style both on and off camera. whether it's something i would wear or not doesn't matter, it works for them.
here are some favorites so far this year:
cate blanchett: 
the talent, the clothes, the daring way she attacks clothes and there is just something about that face!
j lo:
talented, the skin, the hair, the body & nobody can wear glitter, gold & lace better....and sometimes all at the same time. but, i also love her casual style because the accessories are always cool.
i love her sense of style whether casual or glam. it's always perfect even when considered a miss because she commits to the look which i love. modern day grace kelly. and, hey, it appears she likes her souchi so the love just grows...
sandra bullock:
who knew she had such an insane body? i love her sexy style for evening and premiere's and how that carries over to her version of casual mom. so cool. 
kinda want to have her over for our bbq & volleyball parties
yes, the new lady on the block made a HUGE splash last year. her smile is her best accessory and really, what doesn't look good on her? my favorite is her in ALL shades of yellow. looking forward to many more looks. 

giselle.......the quintessential beach girl


giselle, the quintessential beach girl.....


so, i do have an obsession with giselle for all the obvious reasons. truly her body is a work of art and if i had that body for sure i would be designing way more bikinis because i would be wearing them to work, office, movies, wherever! 


but, i also love her effortless way of dressing. yes, this is her style year round but i love it for my summer look. so here is what we have at that we feel she'd love or that could give you that easy breezy summer vibe.


souchi tricia head scarf

giada forte silk & cotton shirt

souchi gomez dress

souchi penelope v-neck sweater

cindy kirk leather pouch cross body bag

nue silk jumpsuit

butik lucite, snake & kenyan beaded necklaces

santoni low leather wedge

giada forte braided leather belt






for the lazy days of summer........


love those lazy days of summer......loungin' with your friends, sprinklers, thoughts of 'are we too old for slip & slide?' which is really code for 'i don't want to break a hip or bone...


well, those days are meant for simple tees, awesome jeans, a cozy sweater, old school style sunglasses, ipa's, and flats...AND great accessories.


here are my favorites:

victor simoni zip wallets

tom ford sunglasses

mother denim railroad stripe lookers (available souchi chicago 773-687-9638)

borsalino straw hat

santoni woven leather brogues

souchi tricia head scarf in cashmere & linen

giada forte sandals

souchi duncan hooded cardi

ace & jig cotton pegged trouser

my favorite perfume available here (this is the brand but not the scent)

enza costa stripe long sleeve tee

the classic americana converse all stars

giada forte silk & cotton shirt 

my summer must haves.......

summer to me the words of cover girl 'easy breezy' 

i am always in my tried and true mother denim runaways*, my same colorful straw fedora (purchased at saks fifth avenue mens department in 2007), enza costa tanks, butik beads, souchi's lindsay cardi and of course a wedge! and this one from santoni is on serious rotation. 


for afternoons of bbq or days at the beach, it's giada forte silk/cotton shirts, valia nikki sandals, neutrogena sunscreen and my beat up worn out runaways as cut offs.


  at 45, i have yet to master eye makeup so i go for simple: laura mercier illuminating tinted foundation, loreal mascara (red/white one) & bright color on my lips. current faves are a hot pink by mac & orange by tom ford. 


my new summer addictions are:

giada forte silk maxi skirt

my souchi williams crop sweater

my new barton pierra aviators with curved lenses

pomegranate martinis - the new cosmo (if in basalt try three at tempranillo)

commando girl short - perfection for your sheer pieces


happy june




*call souchi chicago for all mother denim styles we've got tons 773-687-9638

the white shirt

here's the thing........
some words seem overused and yet still what can replace them?
classic? timeless? staple? 
the same can be said about the white shirt. it is a proven must have for decades. why? well i think it's because it's so many things: sexy, cool, casual & at the heart it's perfect with anything and everything.
my favorite is giada forte's silk & cotton version available here. i own 4 of these in many colors but the white is the one i always reach for. ESPECIALLY when i have no idea what i want to wear or what the dress code requested is.
viva the white shirt

souchi chicago store favorite looks

after what seemed to be the LONGEST winter it is finally spring in chicago. we had to get outside and take these shots of our favorite looks in the store.

may 28-31, 2014 if you mention this blog post you will get 15% off the items shown in it! please call chicago store and ask for sarah or carrie 773-687-9638

1) souchi hilton cardi w/ tie, loup charmant double shot tank & rand papele necklaces

2) loup charmant peasant top, enza costa tunic tank, butik metal bead necklaces

3) loup charmant peasant top, enza costa tunic tank, butik metal beads, mother looker jeans in driftwood, santoni wedges in grey

4) loup charmant peasant tunic (sold out), butik large snake beads & rachel zimmerman turquoise bead necklace

5) mother denim drop out jeans, enza costa tunic tank, loup charmant camisole, butik metal beads & rachel zimmerman long mixed bead & metal necklace

6) mother denim runaway jeans, double shot tank, souchi hilton & santoni wedges

7) souchi page vest, santoni wedge & mother drop out jeans

8) zoom of #2

9) top in #1

10) souchi paige vest, loup charmant camisole, enza costa tunic tank, rachel zimmerman necklace

11) back of #4

12) zoom of #5






May 12, 2014


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make, wacky & just pretty

ok....make-up and me have never quite become friends. i love what it can do. i love how it can change. but, as interested as i am i have never taken the time to learn how to do it.....maybe one day soon...or, maybe one day i'll get a lesson from pat mcgrath!


the magician/artist/technician......

the met gala......

i always enjoying seeing the pictures from the met gala. the fashion, the make up, the guest list....all of it is entertaining.
here are some of my favorites: 
absolutely stunning: the color, the cut, the pose...and those arms!
classic black & white always works when the tailoring is meticulous
i love how comfortable these two look. love.
so so simple and so pretty
i WANT THIS LOOK so's over the top and could be too much but somehow i still want to wear it.
sarah silverman is simply amazing in this....but i am betting there are converse under there :)
the color, the cut, the lipstick. perfect
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