March 03, 2015


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camo pants...........duh!

camo is like stripes which is like denim.....always cool....
we love these washed linen drawstrings from enza costa. super fun & super cool.
whether you're going to work (yes, you work in a creative environment), school, movies, dinner or running around on a saturday....these work for pretty much everything.
enza costa camo pants ($194), souchi cotton cashmere magda turtleneck in sand dollar ($596), evergreen violet snow bunny hat in black merino wool ($178), made in kenya irma pendant necklace ($88) & made in kenya tuvete brass necklace $60.
camo pants worn with winifred grace cuff (available souchi chicago 773-687-9638), victor simoni mumu zip wallet in black & cream pony hair with olive wristlet ($220 & $36 for wristlet), made in kenya mabati tube hoop earrings ($44) and souchi val tube top/mini in black ($278 available souchi chicago)
*close up of washed linen fabric, magda cuffs and slash pockets on pants. love
*casual look with cindy kirk pouch plus in saddle ($386), enza costa boy tee ($92) & belt stylists in own
*close up of magda, snow bunny beanie, irma long pendant & tuvete necklace
pics courtesy of jessica domnick

fave sale it a it a

who doesn't love a skirt that can be worn as a dress? add to that, it's 100% silk chiffon in black, lined in 100% nude silk chiffon with a natural color cotton elastic waist band. love.
oh, and did i mention, it's on sale?
yep, giada forte's gorgeous silk chiffon maxi skirt is now $250. sizing is easy, so feel free to size up or down. model is wearing the size 0 (comes in size 0,1,2).
love it above as a beautiful strapless dress. simple classic and cool.
we also loved a throwback rockabilly vibe with stiletto booties, mother denim's bruiser vest (available souchi chicago $220) & souchi bobble beret in peaches ($178). 
pics courtesy of jessica domnick
March 01, 2015

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sweater pin up.............modern day

sweaters are sexy.
and no era new that better than the 50's. 
fashion designers love the sweater girl. i still love the look almost 75 years later.
my version, is the 'randi'. it's feminine, sexy & cool. 
here it is worn belted with accessories
victor simoni fold over clutch with detachable silver chain
*belt stylists own, but we will have some soon 
made in kenya 'twiga' earrings
photos courtesy of jessica domnick the the the price

'made creates beautiful, unique, handcrafted accessories in their kenyan workshop. they train, teach and empower their team by providing sustainable employment and opportunities within their community.'
here's what i LOVE .... so many brands are out their supporting causes like this which is awesome. however, they are selling things for prices that seem, in my opinion, that they are making, quite a large profit. yes, they are helping people, who may otherwise, not get the help they need. but, shouldn't they be helping more, considering the price they are getting the product for a price much lower than they would in their own country?
now, obviously, this is PURE ASSUMPTION...i don't know these companies numbers or practices but i do know mine. i know what i pay to have things made in this country. and, i have been approached so many times via email, phone & trade shows by factory representatives from all over the world wanting to produce souchi and the price per sweater is astounding! and the minimums are no longer as high as they were when i started 17 hears ago. i understand the temptation to manufacture overseas because it really is a cents on the dollar. but, for me, i always wanted to have made here and close & the control.
so, when, i found made i was shocked at the quality, price & concept. the prices range from $28-120!!! so little to do so much: politically, emotionally, economically & fashionably!
here are my favorites from the current collection.
i am guessing your collecting will begin.......NOW
chomani necklace $88
irma necklace $88
nzunzula necklace $88
kubwa pendant necklace $76
tuvette necklace in brass $60

 tuvette necklace in silver $66
nungunungu necklace $56
minwanjii silver necklace $88
silver twiga earrings $34
mubati hoop earrings $44
nungunungo earrings $56
now.....the prices are incredible but we want to support the cause and 
tempt you with starting your collection
feb 22-24
use code: made
and you'll receive 10% on any made purchase
fun fact: who knew you could clean brass by washing with lemon juice? or do the classic way with warm soapy water and dry with soft cloth.
*photos courtesy of jessica domnick & brooke casillas
& the blurry ones are clearly from yours truly

baby it's cold outside..........

so, it's mid february and it's cold and we've all been dressing warm for months. layers and layers but, if you're feeling like me, it's time for a pop of color to brighten
the awesome shades of grey around us.
the answer:
lighten up on your denim wash and choose something worn in and cozy.
instead of a black layer tank choose a pale pink or nude
and switch out your black sweater for color
you're still warm. you're still muted so you're not screaming summer but you've got color and wear with warm tone boots and all is well in your fashion world and just a bit brighter.
souchi's 100% superfine cashmere crop hoodie in cornflower blue size p ($526)
*more colors available
enza costa tunic layer tank in pink tint size xs ($70)
*many more colors available
mother denim's looker ankle fray in clear as day size 25 ($220)
*call chicago 773-687-9638 to purchase
souchi's tricia cashmere head scarf in stone tweed ($120)
*many more colors available 
victor simoni mumu wallet in aspen bark ($220) with leather wristlet in tan ($36)
use code: victor
to receive 20% off ALL victor simoni products 
february 20-28!!
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick

casual friday........rolls over into casual saturday......

in the early 90's levis (yes, the iconic denim brand) started the concept of dressing casual for the office. at levis this made perfect sense & denim was an easily accepted . but for many corporate offices it meant khakis, button down shirts, no ties & the non-dress shoe.
as with most new concepts it took some time to get it right.
and, the denim industry has come a long way. luckily for each generation the fits are better, cooler, are refined enough for most offices and the washes...well that depends on your industry. but, since the 90's there are so many new industry's that hey, it's a new world.
the look above is a fave casual friday look for the modern office. the length of the skinny jeans gathered slightly at the ankle is great with heels & the frayed holes on the sweatshirt is edgy & cool. cindy kirk's pouch is the smaller version in black with cream contrast stitching. love.
mother denim's 'caught running sweatshirt' ($158 model wearing small), mother denim looker skinny jeans in tequila truth ($220 model wearing size 25), chanteuse beanie in marine (now $76) with the cindy kirk pouch in black ($356). 
*all mother denim is available at souchi chicago: 773-687-9638 & mention this blog post to the girls in chicago between feb 18-20 (while pieces are in stock) and you'll
get 15% off these 2 styles of mother denim!!
the butter cream stitching on the pouch bag is so pretty and the perfect tears on the sweatshirt mixed with the perfectly worn in tequila truth (how great are mother denims names of the washes??? so funny!)
SO, then it's saturday. and, when friday was so comfortably cool, what can you do but extend the cool and comfortable look. 
here, we have another souchi chicago favorite:
model is wearing souchi cashmere bottega wrap in shitake ($322), enza costa long sleeve raglan in grigio ($138), objects without meaning high waist skinny jean in crane ($176), souchi cashmere nadya thigh warmers ($220 sold out but available by special order ) and cindy kirk pouch plus in amber ($386)
*these high waist skinny jeans are INCREDIBLE. they are a super dark, clean, indigo wash with no streaks and will automatically make you look longer and leaner. dark and clean enough to go dressy or casual. you will LOVE. TAKE ADVANTAGE BELOW....
use code: CRANE
to receive 25% off the high waist skinny jeans shown above from objects without meaning
between feb 18-20
*pics shot by jessica domnick
February 16, 2015


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bags, we all love em......

and, one is never enough.......yet, isn't it funny......
how we seem to use the same one day after day? it's true. i have a bunch, but the very idea of switching in the morning is annoying. and, i'm someone who has 5 things in her bag (PROOF below)
it really doesn't take much time. but, somehow i never take the time.
*tried and true victor simoni gloss wallet, tom ford lip gloss (thank you obsessed), fave barton perreira's, can't live without eclipse or car.
but, on vacation or days off i love a simple, cross body bag that can go day to evening and the pouch plus from cindy kirk is that bag for me. 
it's light weight, cool, easy, and the rounded edges make it appear smaller than it actually is. AND, there are no logos or bulky hardware. give me a few small beads and some cool stitch detail and i am happy.
my current fave is the amber color shown above. there is a slight bronze metallic that is absolutely beautiful. i love it because it works well for evening too.
yet, the gaucho........lord, so so so soft and so traditional in the color. this in the 
summer with denim and white...turquoise and silver? butik beads! ugh, how to decide?
so many ways to wear and at $386 why should i have to choose? 
feb 17-19
use code: pouchplus
to receive 15% off this style online
*some pics by jessica domnick & souchi chicago, two or as many as you can handle......

here's the thing.......sometimes we just need a lil 'fix'. we just want a lil something. and, sometimes that lil something can change your mood. never mind, that it could also possibly change the look of most things in your closet too. that's why accessories are awesome.
here are some of my favorites that can be layered heavily but also cool worn alone.
i love the mix of dark chocolate, canvas, oatmeal and bright yellow with denim. such a great color combination for spring.
souchi cashmere tricia headscarf ($120), souchi cashmere bottega wrap ($322), butik kenyan beads ($70)
made in kenya twiga earrings $34 are the perfect earring for day or night. dramatic in it's simplicity
it's the details that make accessories fun. the lil pop of the wristlet in mustard that makes it so fun. and as you go into summer and to warm during the day for the wrap, you still have the dramatic color story with the same pop of color.
souchi cashmere bottega wrap (as above), objects without meaning nadia top ($244 available chicagoo 773-687-9638) and mother denim (available chicago) with victor simoni mumu clutch in aspen bark ($220) with yellow wristlet ($36)
butik metal beads from ethiopia in:
disc ($50)
large round ($64)
and rachel zimmerman multi beads (available in chicago 77-687-9638)
cindy kirk most perfect leather pouch plus ($386) in amber has a slight metallic leather color that i am obsessed with. instant cool to anything.
*february 14 - feb 16
use code: accessories
at check out and you will receive
15% off all accessories (sale or full price)
*pics shot by  jessica domnick
February 10, 2015


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perfect look for a valentines night out....

here's the thing..... valentines can be cheesy.....all that red, pink, cards and endearments everywhere & society saying you must participate can be annoying. 
however, all that pink, red, cards, candy & endearments can be sweet. so why not enjoy it in a way that works for you.
for me, that means:
i will not be wearing red nor will i be wearing anything in the shape of a heart. nor, am i hoping that my man purchases anything he saw advertised on the multiple late night commercials, ads or just because. 
instead, we will be enjoying a delicious indulgent dinner with too much wine & cocktails with friends.
so cashmere (read stretch factor) will be a necessity, cool simple accessories (read: made in kenya twiga earrings) and an awesome clutch from victor simoni. my sweater of choice for the evening will be the margi top with overlay. i love it. simple. sexy. and festive. with my fave ann demeulemeester high waisted men's trousers that to me are always sexy. or, try as we're showing with mother denim's yummy runaway jeans in dances of a mockingbird wash (available at souchi chicago 773-687-9638)
have fun and enjoy
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick

amis poncho piece on sale thru feb 8...........

oversized amis poncho in extra fine merino wool $318 (20% off thru february 8 use code: suzibest) is a versatile piece. here, it is shown casual with mother denims vamp jeans in rough it up wash ($220 call chicago store 773-687-9638), enza costa bold l/s v in coral ($116) & made in kenya's nzunzula pendant charm necklace ($88) & souchi #76 bobble beret (also 20% off using code: suzibest at checkout)
here the poncho is shown with the giada forte pleat skirt, layered enza costa tunic layer tankracer tunic tank & souchi cashmere tricia head scarf. love 
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick
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