October 25, 2015


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scissors can be your best friend...............

SO, i am pretty sure it will come as no surprise to my friends and customers that i LOVE scissors.
yes, i love them. i often take them to my favorite pieces. i have been wearing frayed jeans for decades, raw hem dresses, skirts & even my beloved ann demeulemeester trousers.
it started in my teens when at 5'2 everything is too long. and to work so hard to save & then buy clothes the last thing i wanted to do was spend more money to have shortened and have to wait to wear them!
add to that, i loved patti smith, debbie harry & iggy pop. not just their music but style too. so i started looking at the rugged, raw & slightly tattered looks and decided to indulge with scissors.
my most recent project is below:
above is an awesome cropped fringe vest from rachel comey that i have waited 6 months to receive. when i saw it in nyc at the showroom in february i was in love.
however, it didn't really love me back.
though, it's super cool in a mad max tina turner way, it was just too much for my frame..
ok, and probably for my age too.
SO, i took the scissors and cut out the middle row of fringe. 
it still was too full for me. so, i then took the outside row of fringe off.
above is the edited & trimmed fringe vest. i love it! still all the details of the original but just now a bit more flattering & wearable for me.
here's a side view to show that it still looks finished. and, it's so easy....took less than 5 minutes. 
then decided these vintage 501's were too long so grabbed the scissors and chopped off 5 inches and was out the door.
the final result is a 7 minute customization of some of my favorite fall things.
so the lesson, if you see something you like but not sure it's perfect for you think about cutting it instead of walking away from it.
outfit above:
souchi cashmere #95 bobble beret
rachel comey cropped fringe vest
enza costa bold l/s u
vintage levis 501
belstaff booties
ara pearl flip ring
October 05, 2015


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souchi's paige vest......fall perfection........

the paige vest is a tried & true classic that we keep re-knitting. it's the easiest thing to wear year round. 
tie it up
wrap it up
wear it upside down
belt it
knot it
try it and you'll be sure to find a new way to wear it.
when worn with your fave shredded jeans it keeps it polished instead of a bit grungy. the lighter the color you choose the more details show. like the horizontal ribbing that drapes nicely over your body.

all season sweater dress.......AND it's on sale's still pretty warm in most parts of the country i thought what better to wear than the naomi knit dress.
this on is on super sale with a few left.
so throw on your favorite booties (we love rachel comey's nassau boot), a cross body bag from cindy kirk & a leather belt (we love de palma) and your favorite necklace (butik shown here)
as is cools down throw on commando ultimate opaque tights & a chunky souchi sasha cardigan or our new cashmere fringe poncho.
August 12, 2015


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feeling sienna.........

i love saturation in color and when it's vibrant like sienna i'm just happy.
this color is beautiful for summer and flows perfectly into fall. can't you picture it with tights, boots and a chunky sweater?
the color is so beautiful with mixed metal....throw in some topaz and mixed semi precious stones and it's just beautiful.
chocolate leather and a simple brass buckled just adds to the rich tones. 
look shown above:
souchi empire cami dress in sienna $478
butik metal disc bead necklaces $50
butik metal tube bead necklaces $38
assorted semi precious necklaces from susan gansel (call aspen 970-925-2580)
bauXo brash leather belt $106 

awesome sale dress...........

what's more perfect than a maxi dress with an awesome floral print?
this is the perfect dress for summer AND it's on super sale.
what are you waiting for?
layer with metal bead necklaces from butik & a souchi bamboo head scarf
for a bit more of a boho look add a leather belt
shown above:
corey lynn calter lynn maxi dress
souchi tricia bamboo head scarf
bauxo brash leather belt
mix of butik tiny beads 
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick

summer dressing in the mountains.........

well in aspen it means a lot of jeans & booties 
*please note i don't pay attention to the exercise driven wardrobe....boring!
so, here in aspen comfort is key and our days and nights tend to be long. and, i mean that in the best way. so, our outfits need to go from day to night, bbq to dinner & cocktails.
i am obsessed with giada forte & enza costa. they are the perfect compliments to my living in my souchi designs.
and in a land where all are wearing jeans, i think awesome accessories is what sets your look apart. i know: preach sister preach
but, imagine this outfit without the belt? without the scarf? without the perfectly hued leather bag?
what would you see? jeans and a tee......yawn.
so have some fun with america's uniform of jeans & cotton by adding awesome accesories to spice it up.
outfit shown:
giada forte my shirt in azzurro
enza costa tunic layer tank in grigio
cindy kirk 2.0 bag in saddle
mii dechirures scarf
giada forte gold mesh belt
mother denim jeans
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick

the new grunge...............

grunge.....a word people either love or loathe.
i loved the music, the fashion & the intention.
i didn't like the 'dirty, too skinny' look.
here's a new way to wear 'grunge' that is fun, sexy & cool and never 'dirty'.
washed linen plaid slip dress pairs great with a souchi linen & cotton cardi. and, duh, always a beanie. our bobble beret steps it up a few notches.
add, an interesting necklace and you're set.
we love a slip & so did the era BUT to do it in a washed linen for a bit more structure and if it's plaid even better. 
booties or cool boots work awesome.
love the subtle pintucks for a pretty touch.
a simple leather belt with cool buckle reiterates the vintage feel.
look shown:
loup charmant lucy slip dress in chocolate plaid (chocolate sold out but we have bright blue)
souchi classic cardi in natural
souchi bobble beret in bombay (call aspen 970-925-2580)
bauXo brash leather belt in chocolate
all hands luna chaur y caballo necklace (sold out)
bauXo parallel earrings in brass
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick
July 15, 2015


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t-shirt maxi dress & leather

you know those days where you wake up and just don't know what to wear? or don't want to get dressed? or it's just too hot for clothes........... 
then the isisu maxi t-shirt dress is for you
the isisu dress is made from the softest, lightest linen t-shirt fabric. the shape is more column so it floats over the body instead of clinging. 
we love it worn with a low slung leather wrap belt and simple leather cross body bag.
but, also, awesome left long and lean for a more sophisticated look.
if you want more coverage i suggest the enza costa tunic layer tank in super soft cotton.
look shown:
gat rimon isisu maxi dress in beige
enza costa tunic layer tank in silver mink
bauxo apply belt in chocolate/brass
cindy kirk pouch plus in saddle
bauXo origins bangles (3 sets of 3)
bauxo parallel earrings
made in kenya nungunungo necklace (sold out)
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick

summertime rolls..........cue the music......

ok, who doesn't love a title for a blog post that is named from a jane's addiction song?
here's the thing:
'i can't wear a knit dress....too fitted....shows all the wrong things'....
 i have heard all of this and the answer is:
then you haven't tried the right knit dress.
i love knit dresses and yes, some are more flattering than others. and yes, if i had abs of steel and a butt that was just under my shoulder blades well then i would never have to worry about anything fashion related.
HOWEVER, i don't have those traits, yet, still i love a knit dress.
the empire cami dress is awesome year round. 
for summer i love it with leather sandals and belt with minimal layered necklaces and a cool cuff.
and, of course, a souchi tricia head scarf
for winter, image textured tights (commando's are awesome), booties or boots & a leather jacket or chunky sweater. trade out the head scarf for a beanie and you're set.
the de palma zingara wrap tassel belt is a favorite of mine (coming soon on-line or call aspen 970-925-2580). i love the lariat shape that adds just a bit of playfulness.
bauXo fortitude cuff is awesome. leather and metal and side fit detail is amazing. not to mention the insane price is a STEAL.
look shown:
souchi empire cami dress in sienna
de palma zingara tassel belt
made in kenya tuvette pendant (sold out)
made in kenya nungunungu pendant (sold out)
souchi tricia head scarf in oatmeal
bauxo fortitude bracelet in brass/black
katharine page sandals (sold out - check out valia sandals instead)
*pics courtesy of jessica domnick

my cool 70's sweater.......

like most people in fashion i LOVE the 70's.
and it's fun to be inspired by elements of a decade and mix with the current styles.
here's a reinterpretation of 'that 70's sweater' today:
anyone who knows me knows i LOVE yellow and all versions of it. there's something retro about it.
i also love that people have a strong feeling about yellow. and it's always funny why they don't like it.
growing up my mom loved yellow in the yellow kitchen, yellow/ivory/brown in the living room, yellow in the bathrooms. you'd think i'd hate it now but still love it. 
however, i don't have yellow in my house nor have i ever had it. strange. something to ponder.
BUT, yellow for clothing i LOVE!
my favorite bathing suit of all time was my yellow tank one piece with a golden shimmer. i was totally going for bo derek in 10 sans braids....i was SO close...sure!
anyways, yellow is awesome.
the texture of the halston cardi is a nubby linen & cotton.
push up the sleeves, layer with simple white organic cotton cami's 
and faded jeans to achieve the casual vibe.
this look:
mother denim looker crops in cliffhanger (size 28 only
loup charmant peasant tunic (tucked in so it's shorter) in white
evergreen violet florence beanie in kelp (sold out)
bauxo origins bangles in silver
made in kenya miwanju pendant (sold out)
souchi halston cardi 
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