the occasion is.....that you own it!

hi. i’m that souchi dress you bought a year ago.


i’ve been patiently waiting in your closet ever since. every time you swing the closet door open with your hair wrapped in a towel and a cup of coffee in your hand, i hold my breath and wait. and wait.


i see you text your love and tell them that you’re running late. i see you pawing through the same clothes that you always wear. i watch you try them on, change, sigh, try them on again, and, after growling at the mirror, strip, throw them on the floor, and sulk out.


i see you. but you don’t see me. i would shake my head at you…but i don’t have a head. i’m....just....a dress.


just a dress that you saw that made you stop in your tracks. 


i remember when you first laid eyes on me and touched my lovely fabric. you gently took me off the rack and walked up to the mirror, tentatively. held me up and immediately your eyes widened. you saw all of the fun we would have together. i saw it too.


i saw the dinner parties that we would host, the look that would be on your love's face when they saw us for the first time, and the compliments that your girlfriends would give us at lunch. i saw us being a team.


i was a little insulted when you handed me back and said, “i have to think about it.”


i tried not to take it personally. i accepted it.


however, i wasn’t surprised when i saw you come through the door a few hours later. i knew you’d come back. as suzi rang me up a few hours later and wrapped me in tissue and put me in a bag, i saw our future together. and, i was excited.


you hung me up in your closet so lovingly. put me on one of those fancy hangers and gazed at me for a few moments before shutting the door. i waited. and waited.


we almost went out for tapas that one night, but then you wore jeans instead. we almost went on a weekend in palm springs, but then you left with your weekender bag...(filled with jeans) and never said goodbye. i forgive you. but, i love palm springs too.


i overheard you on the phone with suzi. she was telling you about some new dress that had come in. i heard you mention me...


“i still haven't worn the dress i got last time. yes, i love it. it's so pretty that i am waiting for an occasion to wear it.' 


i overheard her say, “um, the occasion is that you own it!”


i saw you nod. i always liked her. she took good care of me in the store. my vote is that we wear your turquoise suede heels with the tassels and go get us a cocktail. it’s our first night out together, after all.  


with love,

from the amazing piece sitting in your closet


next time you think you need an 'occasion' think of these two fashion ladies. i am in awe of their style and LOVE that their occasion is it's in my closet! ladies, wear your clothes because they are meant to be enjoyed. 


top row: the incredible jane aldridge from sea of shoes

bottom row: the amazing giovanna englebert w magazine fashion editor

Shop dresses that will love you back here: 

these are my favorite dresses available at souchi aspen and on

clockwise top left: lena medoyeff, souchi, rachel comey, sita raiter, souchi, souchi & loup charmant

travel without an agenda..........

everyone travels for different reasons. for some, it’s escape. for others, it’s wanderlust. for me, my only intention: inspiration.

an old adage states that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.” can you imagine understanding everything, let alone, getting what an author says by reading one page? 

i, often find myself driving the same route to work, going to the same place for lunch (even eating the same thing....yes i do this often!) and driving the same route home. don’t get me wrong, i am grateful for where i live and what i do, but i know that routine can stifle creativity. my immediate surroundings are absolutely breathtaking but they are just one page of the book i want to write.

in my mind, input defines output. in order to remain inspired, i prioritize taking a few trips each year that take me out of my usual surroundings and allow me to become immersed in an environment drastically different from my home.

last summer, i went to greece. in santorini, the stunning juxtaposition of the sapphire and stark white of the architecture never ceased to inspire. the landscape is breathtaking, the air rejuvenating, the sights and smells exquisite.

some like to plan out their vacations down to the hour. i like to keep my daysopen, and allow myself to wander, to experience a new place without an itinerary. i like to walk through the city early in the morning and lose myself in people-watching. i like to get the locals recommendations on where to go, eat & what to experience. the feeling of sitting in a café that isn't listed in a travel guide so far away from home is perfection.


there’s no “goal” for me when i travel – i never set out to get a certain photograph or accomplish a designated amount of sightseeing. in fact, i have been known to not see the 'sights'. instead, for me, the journey is the destination.

every night when i get back to my hotel, i look through all the pictures i took throughout the day, arrange whatever trinkets i’ve picked up along the way, gaze out the window, and allow myself some reflective creative time. i grab my journal/sketch book & write notes on the colors, photos, textiles, etc that i saw & quick brainstorm of what they make me think of. sitting with pencil, pen & cocktail on a deck (ideal but sometimes indoors) and just sketch to see what happens. later these sketches & notes will either become something else or exist as i first envisioned them.  shifting my perspective while in a new place will forever influence my work. i work a ton but when 80% of your work week is creative.........that's perfect balance to me.

inspiration comes from every direction when traveling. 

Shop what’s in my suitcase:

these are pieces that can pretty much take me to any destination..... add bikini for beach.... add a leather jacket for rome.... add heels for NYC.... but the elements can remain the same for a summer trip.

a timeless casual look

a gorgeous cjw cashmere wrap that is featherweight and not bulky

the perfect leather clutch with minimal, yet awesome details.

a cool brass cuff

an awesome wood bangle with turquoise. *turquoise always makes me happy

cashmere fringe to evening

beautiful necklace with earthy neutrals and pops of gold

walking shoes that are sexy, fun and can keep me on my feet for hours.


happy travels




the road to meditation: aspen edition

what I love about aspen & the roaring fork valley the most is the air. cool, crisp, almost sweet from the flowers, grasses, animals, etc. you always want to be outdoors when you're here.

i have a crazy, fast paced life which means a chaotic schedule & never enough time in the day. i KNOW i need to meditate to take it down a notch and live in the moment. it's against my nature to relax, sit and just breathe. crazy, i know!

i figured i could ease into meditation which is why i call it my 'chill time'. it's not quite meditation yet, but it will be. i love my mornings and don't mind getting up very early to get my workout in, some play time with jack, healthy breakfast and now my 'chill time'.

our upper backyard near the tall grasses & aspen trees is my favorite spot because i can hear the wind move through the leaves. learning to take the time to enjoy sitting, deep breaths and the sounds of nature. the crisp morning air means i get to wrap myself in a cashmere poncho.

it's not about having the time – it’s about making the time. i am always busy with the store, knitting all the stock & high season always arrives too quickly. soon enough long nights turn into early mornings and mornings become afternoons and the cycle continues to fly by. 

it’s easy to allow myself to get swept up in stress and exhaustion, but in order to stay happy & fun under pressure, to remain laser-focused on my goals, I find that this new chill time helps clear the mental stuff that can clutter my thoughts and stand in my way. 

the plan is to go to that space outside at least a few mornings a week to sit & breathe in the lovely aspen air, and try to turn my focus inward. inhale & exhale focusing on the moment & being grateful for it. i can appreciate the silence, the stillness, and allow my racing thoughts to slow down. i keep breathing and soon the moments are pure bliss leaving me feeling relaxed and happy. 

i find i’m always smiling afterwards. which makes me more willing to take time to notice the colors around me, wrap myself a little tighter in my souchi, and appreciate the quiet before the days adventure begins. soon enough, jack is up and licking my feet with wet kisses, my peaceful moment replaced with sloppy expressions of love from my sweet boy.

it's the perfect way to start the day and then as i head back inside to make breakfast everything seems easier and i think “let’s go see about this day”




shop my favorite 'meditation' outfits below & use code: xo10 

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souchi fringe poncho cozy cashmere and big enough to really wrap yourself up

commando control legging the best leggings you will ever own

enza costa bold long sleeve crew truly the softest cotton and long body

krewe du optic conti sunglasses so light weight that you don't know they are on

fiji water - my favorite

assorted mexican sarape blankets - love love love the colors


March 11, 2016

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billy & jack....jack &

the most perfectly timed gift....
so, 5 years ago, march 9...i flew back from paris to portland to put billy down. i was away for work and was called that he had stepped wrong and had a massive disk rupture that shattered 3 vertebrae and that he would be paralyzed. so much more but, the decision was simple.... not walking or running was not the way billy lived nor would i want him to live that way.
that being was the hardest thing i have ever done because you want to believe in a miracle. you don't want to say bye to the thing that gives you the most joy. the one that always makes you smile even when they piss you off. 23 hours (lord....missed connections....) i hoped and hoped and cried for a miraculous recovery or a medical mistake. i didn't get my wish.
those last moments together i wouldn't trade. oddly, i do feel there is a beauty & dignity is seeing someone/something off to the next place. many of us never get that chance. usually death is unexpected. i had 23 hours to was not enough. 
the overwhelming sadness. the tears....the failed hope. it's so so so much to process. i remember when left alone with him, singing and talking and crying that he, though in pain & on pain killers layed there and licked my hand trying to calm me. sweet sweet boy.
i miss you all the time.
*a sweet gift from vivian
my heart broken & my soul gutted. i just wanted to move. not be in the house we lived in with all the memories. i wanted a new place, new energy and something completely different.
i decided on colorado. i had been a total of 36 hours and figured what could be more different. i don't ski. i wear 5" heels. i do love nature and well it's cold so sweaters would be needed. 6 weeks later i rented out my home and found an apartment on craig's list in basalt, co. 
a few weeks after i said bye to billy some friends talked about this amazing group of labs in lake oswego and how i should get one. i was not ready. a friend mentioned a few times and was insistent that i just go see them. i said no.
she sent photos...i never opened them. i just wasn't ready.
2 weeks before moving to colorado she emailed again saying they still have the one that's yours. mine? what? i finally opened the photo attachment and that was the beginning of a still unfolding story.
i called the people and asked if they still had puppies. she said yes and said your friend has told us for weeks you were coming. i got in the car, drove the 40 minutes telling aren't ready for this.
pulled up and parked and the woman said, the one your friend likes for you is a bit skittish but he's so sweet and really does relax if he feels safe.  
within seconds of meeting 'thor' (nope he was a jack!) he crawled up my arm & into my cashmere (of course) sleeve. yes, he snuggled half on my shoulder and part in my arm pit. sniffs a bit and lets out a big sigh and falls asleep. yep, not skittish at all.
here's the beautiful gift part.... turns out jack was born on the day i put billy down. the two of them are so funny. where jack is a devil billy was an angel. where billy was a devil jack is an angel. perhaps, billy has come back to show he finally did learn to play well with others :) 
anyways, i waited the two weeks and picked up jack the night before i was moving to colorado. he was so sweet from day 1 and potty trained within the day. LOVE. 
my friend lynn stopped by with her daughter lola and gave jack this 'stuffie'. he STILL has this and treats is so well. it's rather amazing that it looks brand new. he sleeps with it, and takes it outside...loves his stuffie.
so, we head out on our 17 hour drive and first part we do in 12 hours and jack whimpers 3 times and each time i pull over, he pees and gets back in the car and sleeps. amazing.
we make it to basalt and spend the next 10 days opening my store. jack, thank you.... because you were/are so damn cute that i met so many people. the perfect shop dog.
jack and i loved our new mountain life. short hours (this was a short lived experience but worth mentioning!), tons of sunshine, walks, hikes and play time with other dogs. 
it's funny to remember how tiny he was.
 this is back when he loved the bath.
in the end, i owe so much of my happiness to my sweet south central shelter dog billy brown. a mix of chow, rottweiler & shepherd. a tough bruiser who was born in the shelter and scheduled for his exit. if it wasn't for his terrible departure on march 9 i probably wouldn't have left portland. i was no longer happy there and wanted/needed a change but so many things i was tied too.
some favorite memories involved billy and babies. taking baby colette's sock off and licking her feet making her giggle while mama melany was a bit nervous she'd lose a foot. he loved babies. another time, at 100+ lbs my friend jude was breast feeding nico who was at most a couple of months old and billy jumped on the couch and laid across judes lap and snuggled up to the two of them. always the protector.
  the move to colorado was the best decision i've ever made.
in the end, billy protected me by bringing jack into my life.
here's the beauty in the never ending cycle of life and death...
the day i had to put billy down jack was born. same year, same day. 
my reason for telling this long story is:

awesome sale piece........the leather zingara belt

the lovely jane aldridge of sea of shoes blog...

if you haven't seen her blog...go now...

incredible styling and inspiration.


so here i love the simplicity of this look and thought our super sale

leather zingara belt looks like this.

and, it's on sale for $80! if you purchase by january 17 then you can get an additional 40% off which makes it $48!! use code: celebrate 

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you can get a similar look with this corey lynn calter joan dress $100 less 40% if bought by january 17.

or the catia flannel dress with the zingara belt would be great.





souchi cashmere fringe poncho......

so, i love the souchi fringe poncho.
yes, i am bias BUT really i am wearing it with everything.
somewhere between a wrap and a poncho but keeping your arms free. i love the freedom. of movement. 
love that you can wear it so many ways. check out some ideas here.
kinda makes me feel like the ladies in florence, italy sitting in the park on benches......except i am wearing better shoes! 
it's true, i just can't get into 'wearable' day. 
probably, when i am one of those older ladies :)
*for a similar shape dress check out on our super sale the 'shelly' dress by corey lynn calter. if purchased by 1/20/16 use code: celebrate to receive an additional 40% off so the shelly would be $60!
outfit shown:
souchi fringe cashmere poncho 
souchi cashmere bobble beret
ulla johnson dress 
chloe harper lace up boots 
sarah graham manzanita pendant necklace

great sale piece #2 & #3

another awesome dress on our sale rack...
cult brand, objects without meaning, made the perfect shirt dress. semi sheer, 3/4 sleeves and side slits in hem. 
one left....$80 less the additional 40% off (if you use code: celebrate) thru january 20, 2016.
5miishown here with cindy kirk pouch plus, souchi cashmere head scarf & beautiful scarf by mii.
this scarf is also on our super sale and $50 - 40% = $30!!
December 30, 2015


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who doesn't love a great deal?
really, everyone does....some because you need the price to be lower and when it is...SCORE.
others, you love the deal because it means you can buy more.
yes, consumerism at it's best.
so, a series on my fave SUPER sale items on
AND, if you purchase before january 20, 2016
use code: celebrate
and you'll get an ADDITIONAL 40% OFF
the 'shelly' dress by corey lynn calter is a must have year round dress. pretty black (almost charcoal) silk with feather print and draped pockets. it's a button front shirt collar that i like to tuck in to give me a v-neck. so easy... $100 (with code) $60!!
this close up shows the tucked in collar, de palma's infinity leather wrap belt ($188) & my fave sarah graham necklace from elliott yeary gallery in aspen. also, top picture i am wearing a beautiful smokey gray lucite beveled bangle from lanvin. i got this many years ago in monaco and still love it. it simply works with everything!
cut out, peep toe, etc are great boots to wear silk dresses. i think it makes them look less heavy but still cool & a bit punk. these are my fave ann demeulemeester's that i simply wonder how i got dressed without them!
so, take a look at our sale section and don't forget to use the code: celebrate
for an additional 40% off!
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December 22, 2015


fashion › gifts › holidays › inspiration ›

inspiration & aspirations

sometimes you can want, want, WANT something and you can't have it....such was the case with this insanely beautiful dress from valentino.  i LOVE the simplicity of this dress. so minimal yet so cool. the price was out of reach....and the neckline for me too high (though scissors & an awesome tailor could have fixed that). i have many pics of this dress on my computer. the inspiration for so many things.... 


in typical  fashion i watered it down to something for the masses....

yes, gift the simplicity and crafty look

now if only santa delivers me some valentino......

a girl can dream!

happy holidays



December 04, 2015


rip....... scott weiland

scott weiland 
so sad to find out today the sudden death of singer & musician scott weiland.
i was, and still am, a huge fan of stone temple pilots. and, then velvet revolver.
a huge talent. a seemingly tortured and gifted soul. 
the song still remains is on every playlist and for over 21 years for sure in my top 20.
"Still Remains"

our bed we live, our bed we sleep
making love and I become you
flesh is warm with naked feet
stabbing thorns and you become me
oh, I'd beg for you. Oh, you know I'll beg for you.

pick a song and sing a yellow nectarine
take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave
if you should die before me
ask if you can bring a friend
pick a flower, hold your breath
and drift away...

she holds my hand we share a laugh,
slipping orange blossom breezes
love is still and sweat remains
a cherished gift unselfish feeling...
oh, I'd beg for you. Oh, you know I'll beg for you.

pick a song and sing a yellow nectarine
take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave
if you should die before me
ask if you can bring a friend
pick a flower, hold your breath
and drift away...

she tells me things, I listen well
drink the wine and save the water
skin is smooth, I steal a glance
dragon flies "er" gliding over...
oh, I'll beg for you. Oh, you know I'll beg for you.

pick a song and sing a yellow nectarine
take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave
if you should die before me
ask if you can bring a friend
pick a flower, hold your breath
and drift away...
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